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Snowboard reviews are silly

Everyone has their own take on every board – with different levels of experience, confidence, riding style, terrain choice and snow conditions, so what someone hates the next might love.

Everything on this site and YouTube channel is from my experience, which will hopefully make it a bit easier to compare the differences between boards.

I do this for fun, it is just a hobby – so I am not out there trying to ride hundreds of boards for a lap or two, just for the sake of it.

I would rather ride a board for a longer time to get a good idea of how it works, rather than just get some quick impressions after a couple of laps. Hopefully this ends up with a more helpful, detailed review that makes choosing a board a little easier.

Although I don’t make a video review for every board, I do try and make them as often as I have time for. They take a long time to film and edit, so there aren’t tons of them.

Even if there isn’t a video review for the exact board you are looking at, there are plenty where you can see my riding – to give you an idea of my experience.

My preferences in snowboards

I definitely have my own preferences and biases in the boards I ride. In general, I like medium stiff boards that have a directional shape, camber under the feet and a little bit of taper. Same with bindings, I like them to have a medium to stiff overall flex.

This is an affiliate site, which means that if you buy anything through the links on the site, I get a commission. It doesn’t cost you any more, but they pay me for a customer/sale.

Sites with a good range of boards

Review style

It might seem like my reviews are generally positive, which is true. Because I do this for fun, I am out there riding boards that I want to ride, that I expect I would like.

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Things to keep in mind for snowboard reviews

The most important thing to remember about a snowboard review is that it is a very unique thing to review. There are so many different things that can change how a board feels, but I try to be as consistent as I can in how I ride each board.

Rider Weight

One of the most important things that can change the ride of a snowboard is the weight of the rider. I’ll list my weight on each of the reviews (not that it changes much), but it will help you make a decision based on what I say it is like for my weight. If you are comparing reviews from other people and they don’t let you know their weight, their idea of the flex rating, torsional strength etc could be way off from what you feel.


The other things that I will list at the start of the review is the boots I am wearing (almost always ThirtyTwo Tm-Twos), bindings, angles and stance width. I think that the stance width is a pretty important factor to think about, someone who rides with a super wide stance is going to have a much different ride than someone with a narrow stance.

Snow Conditions

On top of all those things, the snow conditions are going to be a giant factor in how a board rides. If it hasn’t snowed for a while and the snow everywhere is hard, chances are I’m not going to like riding a pow board, even though it could be great when you get to ride it in the conditions it was designed for. Whenever I can I’ll ride a board over a few days, so I get to try it in all sorts of conditions, but if I can’t, you just have to make a guess based on the conditions of that day.