Salomon Highlander

The Salomon Highlander bindings are aimed at riders who are looking for a stiffer, all-mountain binding with enough response to give them a quite direct feel. Like most Salomon bindings, they have the ShadowFit design with a soft heelcup, that is made to wrap tightly around the heel of your boot. I rode these on quite a few different boards,…

Burton Cartel X Review

The Cartel X is not the upgrade that you would think it is. Normally in the Burton range, the “X” is the upgraded, high performance version, where this time it is just some interesting marketing. Over the years the Cartel binding has earned a reputation as a very solid binding, with a mid-stiff flex that makes it an ideal choice…

Ride Revolt

The Ride Revolt is a medium flexing, do it all binding with an asymmetrical ankle strap and Slimeback highbacks.

Ride LTD

The Ride LTD is a stiffer flexing, freestyle binding that is now in its second season. This year it has a slightly stiffer flexing highback.

Flux XF

The Flux XF are some pretty aggressive and responsive, light bindings. Based on some of the ideas of the SF, they are made to get a good balance of response, but still having enough flex to be able to tweak without being restricted.

Flux Team

The Flux Team or TM is a stiff and lightweight binding that is made to give you a responsive ride.

Burton Genesis

The Burton Genesis is designed to be a comfortable and smooth all mountain binding that doesn’t weight too much.

Burton Infidel

The Burton Infidel is a budget freestyle binding, that has changed from having a super soft highback, to a stiff one in the current model. Features of the Burton Infidel: Single Component Baseplate Nylon Single-Component Hi-Back Construction Canted Hi-Back Design Zero Lean Hi-Back MicroFLAD Asym Lushstrap Flex Slider Primo Capstrap Smooth Glide Buckle Technology Re:Flex FullBED Cushioning System Sizes Available: Small Medium…

Union MC Metafuse

The Union MC Metafuse are Unions top of the line binding – and for good reason. Everything that can be done to make bindings light and strong is in these bindings. Have a look at these bindings if you are an advanced rider who needs the absolute best in light, strong and responsive bindings – the only tradeoff is that…

Union SL

One step under the Metafuse, the Union SL is a super light, strong, high end all mountain binding. They have many of the features of the Metafuse, without the higher price tag. All sorts of tech in these bindings, the Machined Coring Stage III Base Carbon-Injected Dupont™ Zytel® ST Asym/Symmetrical Carbon Highbacks Shift on the Fly Forward Lean Injected Dual…

Union Asadachi

After first stumbling across these bindings while ago, I was intrigued. Polished wood bindings looked awesome, and they would make a great kitschy combination to go with my Salomon Sick Stick. I wanted a pair of higher end, responsive bindings and these fit he bill perfectly. I had a little laugh after finding out the Japanese translation of Asadachi is…

Union Atlas

The Union Atlas is the new all around binding in the Union line up. A binding built to do everything, think of it as the big brother to the Force. Look at these if you need a quality, responsive binding that is build to be comfortable and last a lifetime. Made to be lightweight and comfortable, it has easy to…

Burton Cobrashark

The Burton Cobrashark is an interesting binding. Like some of the similar technine bindings, they have some unique highbacks. The highbacks actually wrap around, so the idea is that you can flex/press/tweak easier than you can on bindings with regular highbacks. Combined with the much larger ankle strap, tweaking these bindings should be a breeze. Make sure you get the…

Ride EX

The Ride EX are some medium flexing bindings, that are good for all mountain riding, that aren’t crazy expensive.

Ride LX

The Ride LX is their entry level mens binding, that has a soft flex and a cheap price.

Flow Five

Flow Bindings are very good at dividing people. One one side you have people who use them and swear by them, and on the other you have people who would never go near them. Personally I would not go near them, but I have friends who ride them and don’t see what all the hate is about. On the positive…

Union Ultrafear

The Union Ultrafear is the Capita/Union combination binding. Getting down to it, the Ultrafear is a Union Contact binding with a collage of all of that years Capita graphics. It has the exact same feel, flex and quality of the Union Contact, but with sweet graphics. I am a big fan of these bindings, they are look good and have…