Burton Cobrashark

The Burton Cobrashark is an interesting binding. Like some of the similar technine bindings, they have some unique highbacks. The highbacks actually wrap around, so the idea is that you can flex/press/tweak easier than you can on bindings with regular highbacks. Combined with the much larger ankle strap, tweaking these bindings should be a breeze.

Make sure you get the winged version if you are going to buy these.

I have ridden with these for 45 days now, and I am quite impressed. They are quite a soft binding, with plenty of flex and room to press. Just like the higher end Burton Malavitas and the Switchback Halldors, the biggest selling point is the wrapped highbacks. When pressing, you can really feel it grab your boot and keep it steady, it is a good addition.

I rode it all mountain, but it is going to be especially good for someone who wants something that they can really press out while jibbing and buttering. If you want something that is a bit stiffer, have a look at the Malavita and the Switchback Halldors where you get a bit stiffer flex, but still with the winged highbacks.


  • Winged high back

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