Salomon District

The Salomon District are some medium flexing bindings, that are good for freestyle and park riding.

Features of the Salomon District

Medium Flex
They have a medium flex rating, that Salomon rate as a 5/10 on their scale.

Shadow Fit Baseplate
The ShadowFit Baseplate has a soft Kevlar Quickwire rather than a stiff plastic/aluminum heelcup, which keeps the weight down, and can bend to the shape of the heel on your boot.

Kevlar Quickwire

30% Composite

Adjustable Toe Ramp

Universal Disc
The Universal disc lets you mount these bindings on regular 4×4/4×2 boards, as well as Burton Channel boards.

Integrated Mounting System
The Integrated Mounting System is a fancy name for a little plastic piece that sits under the baseplate. It holds the screws in the disc, so that they can’t fall out while you are adjusting your angles or stance width.

3D Asym Supreme Ankle Strap
A soft and very comfortable ankle strap.

Deluxe Lock-In Toe Strap
A large toe strap fits easily over the end of your boots, and doesn’t move.

Micro Max Strap Adjustment

PowerGlide Aluminum Buckle

District Highback

2 Year Warranty

Sizes Available:

  • Small (3-7)
  • Medium (6.5-10)
  • Large (10-15)

How They Ride

Although the official description makes them sounds like they are best for street riding, they are definitely nice to ride in lots of conditions around the mountain.


They have a medium flex rating, that Salomon gives a 5 out of 10. They are soft enough that you can still press and flex the bindings without a problem, but they still give you enough support for harder riding/bigger features.


I used large Districts, and was wearing size 10.5 ThirtyTwo Tm Two boots. They are on the smaller end of the size range for large bindings, and I can imagine that you could probably fit them in mediums without a problem.


Adjusting the Districts is very easy, one nice thing about Salomon bindings is the Integrated Mounting System, which means there is a little plastic guide/lock thing that sites underneath the disc. It holds the screws in place, so even if you turn the disc upside down they won’t fall out. Not a crazy feature, but is a nice little plus.

It is easy to adjust the position of the straps, they have a tool-less screw, that can still be adjusted easily with gloves on. You don’t have to remove the screw completely to slide the straps, which is much nicer than adjusting Burton or Flux bindings.

The ankle strap is very soft and comfortable, and even when strapped in tightly there are no pressure points, it all feels very even and comfortable.

The toe strap is made of a squishy rubber, which stretches and spreads over the toes of your boots pretty well. Once it is tightened up, it won’t be moving anywhere.

Adjusting the forward lean and rotation is done with one set of screws at the bottom of the highback.

The highback has a nice flex, heelside turns feel very solid.

Getting in and out of them is very easy, the straps somehow keep themselves completely out of the way (see picture below).

salomon district bindings


  • Comfortable straps
  • Easy to adjust
  • Nice flex
  • Very easy to get into


  • Buckles need quite a few throws to get the straps tight.

I would recommend the Salomon District for people who want a medium flexing park binding, that they can ride everywhere else with no problems. They fit my boots very well, I imagine that the Kevlar heelcup will give a good fit for pretty much anyone.

salomon district bindings 2016 jed
Jed Anderson

salomon district bindings 2016 red and black
Black & Red

salomon district bindings 2016 army green
Army Green

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