ThirtyTwo TM-TWO

The ThirtyTwo TM-Twos are by far my favorite boot. They are a stiff flexing, light and comfortable boot that has regular laces.

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The ThirtyTwo TM-Twos have a Level 3 Footbed, which is light, comfortable and made from two different densities of foam to help absorb impacts and bumps from riding.

The Level 3 Liner is probably the most important part of the boot, and it has a lot of features. It is made of two densities of Intuition foam and is fully heat moldable.

Features of the ThirtyTwo TM-Twos

  • Performance Fit
    The Performance Fit is a group of the higher end features in ThirtyTwo boots, all the things that affect the fit – liner, heel hold, closures etc.
  • Intuition Heat Moldable Liners
    The liners of the boots are moldable, which means that you can get them molded to exactly fit your feet. Basically you remove the liner, heat it up, put it back in the boot, put the boots on and let it cool down around your feet. It just speeds up the process of wearing the boots normally, so you get the comfortable, broken in fit.
  • Dual Density Intuition Foam
    Two different levels of foam, to keep it comfortable and strong where it needs to be.
  • Intuition J-Bars for Heel Hold
  • Customizable Heel Hold Pockets
    On the outside of the liner, there are stretchy elastic heel hold pockets that you can use to add extra heel hold to the liner. The boots come with a heel hold kit, that has four thick (5mm) and four thinner (3mm) foam rings, that you can use to add extra pressure around the heel.
  • Power Strap Closure
    A nicer upgrade from the velcro tongue of the older TM-Twos, these are just two simple velcro straps that close the liner from the left and right side.
    thirtytwo tm two power strap closure
  • Traditional Lacing
    Nothing fancy about the laces, just regular old laces. They take a little bit longer to do up in the morning, but easily let you focus pressure on different parts of the boot.
  • Level 3 Footbed
    The Level 3 footbed is heat moldable, it has a molded heel cradle and has two densities of foam in the heel pod.
  • Stiff Flex
    Overall the Tm Twos have a stiff flex, that is responsive and tough.
  • Articulated Cuff
    The articulated cuff means that the shell of the boot can flex without warping the shell of the boot.
    thirtytwo tm two articulating cuff
  • STI Evolution Foam Outsole
    thirtytwo tm two sti evolution foam outsole
  • 3D Molded Tongue
    The 3d tongue is made to get an even flex all the way through it.
    thirtytwo tm two 3d molded tongue
  • Performance Backstay
    This is a tough and grippy backstay, that is going to give you good contact to the highback.
  • 1:1 Lasting
  • System G2 Gel
    A gel material that helps cushion your heels. and stays flexible no matter the temperature outside.
  • Tongue Tension System
    This is like an extension for the laces at the bottom of the tongue, that makes it a bit easier to focus extra tightness.

Sizes Available:

  • 6
  • 7
  • 7.5
  • 8
  • 8.5
  • 9
  • 9.5
  • 10
  • 10.5
  • 11
  • 11.5
  • 12
  • 13

How they fit and ride

Although I am now on my second pair of Tm-Twos, not much has changed since I wrote my first review. There are a few little differences, but nothing major has changed.

It is still a lightweight, comfortable boot with a good stiff flex, and great heel hold (for me anyway).

From the first time I put them on, I knew that they were going to be a good fit for me. They don’t have the same straight away comfortable feel you get from soft boots, but you notice that they support you very well even before they are tightened up.

When you tighten the inner laces, it holds your heel in easily and firmly, without putting too much pressure in one spot. The top of the liner is held closed with the two little velcro straps.

When you have the laces done up tightly, you get a good idea of how it is going to feel riding in the boots. Especially when they are new, you can put all your weight on your toes without the boots flexing much at all.

If you haven’t ridden with stiff boots before, it is going to be quite different. They keep everything feeling very responsive, and quick to shift your weight over the edge of your snowboard. Riding fast is much easier, and riding over rough or chopped up snow isn’t a problem at all.

Although I wouldn’t expect boots to last much more than 100 days, I rode my first pair of Tm-Twos over 200, and although they were much softer and needed to be replaced, I have nothing to complain about them.

I would recommend that you get the boots fitted by a professional bootfitter, but if you can’t, don’t worry if they are really tight when they are new. Even with quite a lot of pressure on my toes, after a few big days of riding, they start to pack out. There might be a few odd spots around your feet that you feel the first few days, but they all disappear pretty quickly.

I have size 10 Tm-Twos, and normally wear a size 10/10.5 in Nike and Vans.

If you’re heel is still moving around when you have the inner and outer of the boots tight, you can start to add in layers from the Heel Hold Kit.

There are 4 of the thicker black 5mm rings, and 4 of the thinner 3mm orange rings. Depending on how much extra hold you need, you can add in the thin, thick or if you need tons both the orange and black on each side of both liners.



  • Stiff flex
  • Comfortable (when they are broken in)
  • Very good heel hold
  • Long lasting


  • Expensive

I would recommend these for intermediate to advanced riders, who want some stiffer more responsive boots that will help them push their riding. They aren’t cheap boots, but I think that they are definitely worth the money. Straight out of the box they are going to give you good heel hold, and once they are broken in they are a very good mix of stiff but still comfortable.


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