Burton Mission Re:Flex

Burton Mission Re:Flex Bindings 2017

The Burton Mission Re:Flex are just like the EST Missions, but come with discs so that you have the option to mount them on normal boards, as well as boards with The Channel.

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Features of the 2017 Burton Mission Re:Flex Bindings

  • Medium flex rating
  • Medium / Firm Cushioning
  • Single Component Baseplate
    One material is used for the baseplate.
  • Single Component Hi-Back
    The Hi-Back is made from one piece.
  • Living Hinge Hi-Back
    This means that you can adjust the forward lean, and the rotation of the Hi-Backs separately.
  • Zero Forward Lean Hi-Back
    This just means that the Hi-Backs have the option of being set to zero, or having no forward lean. No forward lean is good for people who want a more relaxed feeling ride.
  • Canted Hi-Back
    Designed to fit more ergonomically with your legs.
  • DialFLAD
    This is a dial that can be spun to adjust the forward lean on the Hi-Backs.
  • Reactstrap with Flex Slider
    The ridiculous description “Minimized Superstrap™ Construction 3D® Curved, Triple Axis Spine Ultra-Responsive Enduro Padding Improved Wrap for Constant Contact with Boot” just means that the strap is made to fit nice and tightly around your boot. The Flex Slider lets the strap fall out of the way, without making the slider weak.
  • Gettagrip Capstrap
    A capstrap that fits nicely over the toes, which won’t move around.
  • Smooth Glide Buckles
  • FullBED Cushioning System
  • Under-Baseplate Dampening Pad
  • Warranty
    There is a lifetime warranty on the baseplate, and a one year warranty on the straps and highbacks.

The Missions sit at the spot in Burton’s binding line where the quality and features start to get noticeably better, compared to the Customs below it.

They have much nicer ankle straps and toe caps, which give you a good comfortable hold, that won’t slip around while you are riding.

They were the first pair of bindings that I ever bought, and I had never had any problems with mine. I found that the medium flex was perfect for me, they were stiff enough and still gave good support while riding fast, but you could still butter and press the bindings without being too restricted. I ride my pair of Missions for at least 150 days, and never had a problem with them.

They aren’t super cheap, or super expensive, but I would recommend them for someone who wants a quality medium flex binding, that is going to work well for all sorts of riding.

2017 Burton Mission Colors

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burton mission black 2017
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burton mission el rojo 2017
El Rojo
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burton mission track day green 2017
Track Day Green

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burton mission blueprint 2017
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burton mission gnarly sheen 2017
Gnarly Sheen
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burton mission real recognize teal 2017
Real Recognize Teal


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Burton Mission Binding Size Chart

Binding Size S M L
Men’s Boot Size 6-8 8-11 10+
Women’s Boot Size 5-9 9-11 11+
EURO Boot Size 38-41 41-44 43+
UK Boot Size 5-7 7-10 9+
Mondo Boot Size 24-26 26-29 28+



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