Nitro Glory Stomper 2016 Review

The Nitro Glory Stomper is a park board that is made to handle everything on the mountain.

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Features of the Nitro Glory Stomper 2016

  • Twin Shape
    The twin shape means that riding it switch will have the same feel as riding it in the regular direction.
  • Flat Out Rocker
    The Flat Out Rocker profile means that the board is mostly flat (zero camber) but has a small amount of rocker just before the contact points.
  • Mid Wide Width
    While it isn’t a fully wide board, the waist width is a little bit wider than a standard board, so it can handle riders with slightly bigger boots that don’t want (or need) to change to a fully wide board.
  • All-Terrain Flex
    A medium flex rating that is stiff enough that it can handle rough landings and high speeds, but can still be pressed.
  • Dual Degressive Sidecut
  • Power Pods
    The Power Pods are the name for the slightly extended width under your bindings, which help to reduce toe and heel drag, as well as helping give the board good edge hold.
  • Powercore II
  • Whiplast Core Profile
  • Bi-Lite Laminates
  • Diamond Band
  • Ballistic Impact Panels
  • Railkiller Edge
    The edges are twice as thick as normal edges, so that they are stronger and can take bigger impacts on rails.
  • Sintered Speed Formula HD Base
    Fast and hard base material, that is good at soaking up wax and keeping the board moving quickly.

Sizes Available:

  • 152cm
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm

How the Nitro Glory Stomper rides

Board: Salomon Salomonder 158cm

Bindings: Flux DS

Boots: ThirtyTwo Tm Two

Stance: 21.5″ centered, +12° and -9°

Snow: 10-20cm of light powder / packed groomers. nitro glory stomper 2016 topsheet

Flex & Camber Profile

The All Terrain Flex seems like a good middle of the range flex. It isn’t hard to hold a press, but it isn’t so soft that you feel unstable at high speeds.

Putting a little weight on the tail made smashing through mogully powder easy.


It’s a true twin board, and I rode it with a centered stance, so switch felt just the same as riding regular.

Edge Hold

I would have to say that the edge hold of this board is very good. For someone like me with a 10.5 sized boot, I am on the edge of being able to ride a wide board. It has a mid wide width anyway, as well as the Power Pods under your feet.

Edge to edge the board is very smooth, and the extra width under your feet means that you can get very low carves without your toes or heels dragging.

Entry and exits to turns are very smooth, and even on harder patches of snow I never felt like the board was going to wash out.

It had very good edge hold, without that magne-traction feeling.


It has a sintered base, and I had no problem keeping my speed up. At high speeds on groomed runs, the board rode really well. It felt stable the whole way through the turn, but particularly grippy (in a good way) through the middle of a turn.

Even going fast through chopped up runs it never felt unstable.

nitro glory stomper 2016 base


The medium flex and mostly flat camber profile gave the Glory Stomper some pretty good flex. Loading up the tail will give you good pop, more than I was expecting.


Overall I was very happy with the Glory Stomper. To me it seemed quite similar to the Nitro T1, but the width fit my boots a little better, and I was able to get my turns down lower.

I would recommend it for someone who wants a park/freestyle board, that actually still rides just as well over the whole mountain.

A very good balance in flex and feel.


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