Jones Ultra Mountain Twin

Jones Ultra Mountain Twin 2020 Review

The Jones Ultra Mountain twin is the upgraded, stiffer and faster version of the Jones Mountain Twin. It keeps the majority of the overall features and style of the original, but with a stiffer core, faster base and lighter weight.

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Features of the Jones Mountain Twin

  • Twin Flex
  • Directional Twin
  • Camrock Profile

    Camber between your feet, with rocker on the nose and tail of the board for extra float in deep snow, as well as making turns smooth and easy.
  • 9/10 Flex
  • Ultra Construction
    Lightweight materials, stiffer flex and a higher price.
  • FSC Power Core
    A triple density wood core, which has paulownia to keep it light, as well as bamboo stringers for extra pop.
  • Triax Fiberglass
    Three directions of fibers, that give the board a solid flex, lengthways and torsionally.
  • Sintered 9900 Base
    A very fast base material (UHMW-PE) which is Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene and Carbon.
  • Ash Veneer
    The topsheet is made of a thin veneer, that helps protect the board, as well as absorb some vibrations on rough snow.
  • Power Sustainable Basalt Stringers
    The stringers add some extra torsional (twisting) strength, and help to direct power from under your feet to the nose and tail of the board.
  • Oversized Recycled Edges
    Bigger than normal edges for extra strength, as well as being made with recycled steel.
  • Recycled ABS
    Recycled ABS is used in the sidewalls
  • Super Sap Bio Resin
    Rather than using petroleum based epoxy, Jones boards use a bio-based, renewable epoxy. The ingredients of the Bio-Resin are co-products or waste from other plant-based industrial processes. Bio resin creates about 33% less greenhouse gas emissions than regular epoxy.
  • Blunt Nose
  • Factory Tuned
    The boards come already detuned, so you can ride them right away.
  • Traction Tech
    Serrated edges help give the board extra edge hold on hardpacked snow and ice.
  • Progressive Sidecut
    The closer to the ends of the board that you get, the sidecut gets larger, which means you get a smoother entry and exit to turns.
  • Flip Flop Base
    One of the ways they waste less material is to alternate the base colours. For example, one board might have a black base with a red Jones logo, while the next board is made up of the opposite parts of the puzzle, so it will have a red base, with a black Jones logo.


How it Rides

Board size: 157cm

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa SJ

Bindings: Flux XF

This review is based on me demoing the 2020 model at Mt Hotham, Australia. The conditions were cold and dry, with very hardpacked and windblown snow (almost ice) with patches of soft and dry snow.

Camber Profile

The Camrock profile is a pretty popular one, almost every brand has something that is similar, keeping camber between your feet, then some way to make it a bit more forgiving on the contact points. It is popular because it works, and you get most of the good parts of a traditional camber board, with less of a catchy feel.

Flex and Pop

Just like you would think, it is quite a stiff board. It isn’t crazy stiff, but has a very solid feel wherever I was riding it. Ollies push back quite hard, so you can get quite a good ollie from the stiff tail.

Edge Hold

The edge hold is good, combining the camber between your feet, the stiff flex and the Traction Tech (magne-traction) give is a very consistent feel at any speed.


The Ultra Mountain Twin has the very fast Sintered 9900 base, and although it was a hard day to judge the speed (the snow was fast anyway), I have ridden other Jones boards with the same base and was impressed how quick it goes even in warm slush.


  • Very solid and stable feel


  • Expensive


Overall, the Jones Ultra Mountain Twin is what you would expect – solid at high speed, very good pop and solid edge hold even in icy conditions. Although the Ultra construction makes it lighter, stiffer and faster than the regular Mountain Twin, I think that the regular version is going to be enough for the majority of riders.

If you are heavier, or ride really aggressively, you could justify the higher price of the Ultra, but I think that in a lot of cases the regular Mountain Twin will be enough board to handle most conditions.

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Jones Ultra Mountain Twin Technical Specs

Length Effective Edge (cm) Nose Length (cm) Tail Length (cm) Waist Width (cm) Nose/Tail Width (cm) Sidecut (m) Setback (cm) Weight Range (lbs) Weight Range (kg)
154 114.6 21.7 19.7 25 29.06 7.6 2 120-170 54-77
157 117 22 20 25.3 29.42 7.8 2 130-180 59-82
158w 118 22 20 25.8 29.94 7.9 2 140-190 64-86
160 119.4 22.3 20.3 25.6 29.8 8 2 150-200 67-91
161w 120.6 22.2 20.2 26 30.18 8.2 2 150-200 67-91
162 121.4 22.3 20.3 25.6 29.84 8.195 2 160-210 73-95
164w 123.2 22.4 20.4 26.2 30.47 8.4 2 170-220+ 77-100+


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