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Nitro Fusion 2020 Review

The Nitro Fusion is their all-mountain, ride everything board that is one of the best all-around boards that I have ridden.

Features of the Nitro Fusion

Directional Tapered Shape
The Fusion has a set back stance, directional sidecut and a narrower nose than the tail.

Cam Out Camber
Cam-Out Camber is basically just a regular camber profile, that just has a more mellow or toned down camber sections at the nose and tail.

Mid-Wide Width
Although it is a mid-wide width for a Nitro, compared to a lot of other boards it would just be a regular width.

All-Terrain Flex
Nitro’s name for a flex rating that is suitable for riding all over the mountain.

Progressive Sidecut
There is a tighter (smaller) radius sidecut in the tail of the board that is blended into a larger radius in the front of the board. It means that you end up with a board that is smooth and easy to start a turn, and wants to accelerate out of a turn.

Reflex Core Profile
Thinner core profile between your feet that makes it easier to flex, but also easier to twist which helps keep turns smooth and easy.

Sintered Speed Formula II Base
A fast and hard sintered material, that has wax infused from the factory.

Bi-Lite Laminates
Two directions of glass, that make the board easy to flex and move around.

Powercore II
The core is made up of mostly poplar wood, with beech stringers that add extra pop and strength to the board.

Sizes available:

  • 154cm
  • 159cm

How the fusion Rides

Board size: 159cm

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa SJ 27.5

Bindings: Flux RII

This review is based on me riding the 2020 Nitro Fusion, in very nice, soft conditions. Out in the trees there was anywhere from 15-20cm of fresh snow, and the groomers were quick and fairly soft.

Although it is a bit bigger that I normally ride, I was expecting to like the Fusion, just because it has all the ingredients of a good all mountain board.

Camber Profile

Although technically Cam-Out is a slightly toned down version of traditional camber, to me it has all the good things a camber board gives you – which is mainly a solid overall feel, that gives you confidence that you can push it further without it slipping or feeling out of control.

nitro fusion turn

Flex and Pop

It has a fairly stiff flex, especially at my weight (72kg). The tail is nice and stiff, so if you are leaning right back in powder, or just landing tail heavy, it can easily handle it. With the camber profile, and the shorter, stiff tail, it is easy to get a nice ollie without much effort.

nitro fusion grab

Edge Hold

There is nothing to complain about at all with the edge hold, the camber profile and progressive sidecut means it starts a turn smoothly and easily while still being grippy, and cuts in hard through the rest of the turn.

nitro fusion turn 2


With a little bit of a setback stance, the longer nose, short stiffer tail and taper, the Fusion does really well in deeper snow. It has a nice surfy feel, and although most of the time I rode it in powder I was leaning back, I didn’t need to.

nitro fusion powder


It has a sintered base, so it never felt like it was slow, even in fairly dry powder.

nitro fusion slash


  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Poppy
  • Fun to turn


  • No real cons, but there are only the two sizes of Fusion available, so hopefully one of them suits your weight and riding style.


The Nitro Fusion is an easy choice for a rider who wants to ride fast, with a board that will carve groomers, float in powder and have a fun ride in all conditions. It rides switch ok, it is just the look of it that makes is seem like it is a super directional board. Compared to some other Nitro boards, the extra width in the Fusion will help especially if you have boots that are around about an 11 or bigger.

I would happily take a Fusion out if I wasn’t sure on what the conditions were going to be like on the hill, if there was surprise powder I know that it would float, if it was hardpacked I know that it holds a good edge and carves well. Even though it is quite a stable board overall, the main way I would describe the fusion is that it is a fun board to turn. Turns are so smooth and still quick edge to edge, and it grips enough that you can ride fast and not worry if you hit a hardpacked or windblown section of snow.

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Nitro Fusion 2020 Technical Specs

LengthRunning Length (mm)Setback (mm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Weight Range (lbs)Weight Range (kg)

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