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Capita The Outsiders 2020 Review

Capita The Outsiders is one of their more classic and simply designed park boards, that doesn’t have any crazy features, but still does everything well. It has a profile that is about as close to traditional camber as you can get from Capita, has a medium flex, true twin shape and a simple radial sidecut. That’s not to say that it is missing anything, all those features are proven and reliable and have been used on a million boards before. Watch my video review here.

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Features of Capita The Outsiders and what they mean

Park V1 Profile
capita park v1 profile
Basically this profile has all the positives of traditional camber – a solid stable feel when riding, lots of pop and good edge hold. The small flat sections at the contact points help to reduce a little of the “catchy” feel you can sometimes get from camber, without trading off any of the good points.

6/10 Flex

Radial Sidecut
A simple sidecut, that is cut from one single circle. It gives a consistent feel when turning the board, in both regular and switch directions.

True Twin
The board is symmetrical, so with the centered stance and radial sidecut, it is just the graphics that give it a direction.

P2 Superlight Core
A mix of poplar and paulownia wood, that is made to get a mix between strength and weight.

Technora + Flax Boosters
Some extra stuff added to help add to the flex of the board, making it a bit more lively

Holysheet Fiberglass

Quantum Drive Base
A fancy name for a sintered base, which means that the more you wax and maintain it, the better it will ride.

capita the outsiders base structure

How it Rides

Board size: 154cm

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa SJ 27.5 / Salomon Launch (Lace) 27.5

Bindings: Salomon District (Medium)

capita the outsiders stance

This review is based on me riding the 154cm 2020 model. After riding the Capita Asymulator in a short size (152) I ended up choosing the 154cm Outsiders, as I wanted something a little shorter than my all-mountain 157cm Mercury, that would be easier to move and spin in the park, but would still have enough stability for when I was riding fast, or on bigger jumps. Although it has a shorter length, the (almost) full traditional camber meant that is has a pretty long effective edge, so there it plenty of grip and stability there when you need it.

I’ve been riding this in BC, Canada, in everything from fresh deep powder, to hardpacked and windblown snow/ice. So far I would have around 30 days of riding on it.

capita the outsiders down flat down

Camber Profile

Although there is a little flat spot at the contact points on the board, to me it just felt like a regular traditional camber board. It has the solid and stable feeling when you are riding fast, pushes back nicely for ollies and holds a good edge.

capita the outsiders small jump

Flex and Pop

The flex rating that Capita gave it is a 6/10, though it definitely felt like it broke in a bit after a week or two of riding. It never felt too soft though, it was still very solid on jumps by the end of the season. Pressing took a bit of work, I had to really make sure I got my weight in the right position so that the nose/tail didn’t tap the feature while I was trying to hold a press.

capita the outsiders tail press

Edge Hold

The edge on when it was brand new was crazy. Even though I bought this board to ride in the park (mostly on rails), I spent the first couple of days just riding it around the resort, without detuning the edges. I like the feel of brand new sharp camber boards, and this was no exception. New boards always have nice and sharp edges, but this was super super sharp. It was at the point that I felt like if you dropped it while carrying it, you would get cut.

It held an extremely solid edge even on ice and very tracked snow, and it was very reliable wherever I took it. Though with edges that sharp, there was no chance that I would have ridden that on rails. I gave it a very solid detune, especially between the feet, and left outside the feet sharp so I still had some edge hold. Once I had taken the edges right back, the edge hold dropped quite a bit, but I was able to smoothly frontboard/backboard without any grabby feeling on rails or boxes.


I bought this as my park board, and being camber, with a true twin shape and in a shorter length, I didn’t expect it to do well in powder at all. The days I rode it in powder were often surprise days where we planned to ride park, but there had been more snow than expected overnight. Like I expected, even in lighter powder you had to work a lot to get through it, but I think that was more to do with my stance and the short length of the board, rather than the camber profile.

capita the outsiders powder


The speed of the Outsiders was pretty good, it has a sintered base that I always kept waxed, and a nice structure. It kept its speed up well in all conditions that I rode it in, from light dry powder, to warm springy slush.


  • F


  • E


Overall the Outsiders is a solid choice for a park board. I like it because it has a few classic features that remind me of the boards I learnt to ride on – camber/true twin/centered stance/radial sidecut.

Although it doesn’t come in wide versions (anymore) it has a decent waist width, so those with bigger boots can definitely get away with riding the, especially compared to narrow boards like the Outerspace Living.

capita the outsiders front board

The flex is just right for a park board, it can handle big jumps without a problem, though there is enough play that I didn’t feel like it was too stiff for riding on rails. The true twin shape, radial sidecut and twin flex keep it all feeling very predictable for both regular and switch riding.

It seems to be quite tough as well, I would ride in in the park about 90% of the time, and so far there hasn’t been any edge or base damage from any metal features, when it is pretty common to get cracked edges for that sort of riding.

Similar boards:

Sizes Available:

  • 150cm
  • 152cm
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm

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Size (cm) 150 152 154 156 158
Effective Edge (mm) 1138 1155 1176 1190 1215
Nose/Tail (cm) 29.3 29.5 29.7 29.9 30.2
Waist (mm) 250 252 254 255 258
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.85 7.90 8.00 8.10 8.30
Weight (kg) 45-68 45-72 54-81 59-86 63-90+
Weight (lbs) 100-150 100-160 120-180 130-190 140-200+

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  1. Hey! Could this pass as an all-mountain freestyle type deck? I’m on the east around smaller resorts, so I’m looking for something I can charge a bit with and carve but don’t need a burlier all mountain deck. Thanks!