Capita Super DOA

capita super doa 2023

Yes Capita Super DOA 2023 Review The Capita Super DOA is the upgrade from the very popular DOA/Defenders of Awesome, though a few of the features are the same, they are very different boards. They both share the same camber profile and shape, but pretty much everything after that is different. The main takeaway that …

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Capita Spring Break Powder Twin

capita spring break powder twin snowboard 2022

Capita Spring Break Powder Twin 2021 Review The Capita Spring Break Powder Twin is a mid flexing, wider than normal twin shaped powder board. Features of the Capita Spring Break Powder Twin True Twin Exactly the same shape and flex, so riding it regular or switch will be just the same. 5/10 Flex Rating A …

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Capita Birds of a Feather

capita birds of a feather 2020

The Capita Birds Of A Feather is their popular, ride everywhere womens board that has the right balance of camber and features to make it a fun to ride everywhere. It shares the same features as the award winning mens DOA, and is made in lots of sizes as is it such a popular choice.

Capita Mercury

capita mercury snowboard 2020

Capita Mercury Review The Capita Mercury is a slightly set back, all terrain board that is lightweight, fast and really fun wherever I rode it. It is on the higher end, more expensive set of Capita boards, but I think this one is worth it, for my style of riding. Features of the Capita Mercury …

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Capita Asymulator

capita asymulator 2020

Capita Asymulator 2020 Review Although it seems like a new model this year, the Capita Asymulator is the new name for the older Spring Break Twin. I guess that over the past couple of seasons it got popular enough to move into the regular Capita lineup. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Capita …

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Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro

capita kazu 2024

Capita Kazu review The Capita Kazu is Kazu Kokubo’s powder and all mountain board. A cambered, smooth turning machine – a solid board all over the mountain. Features of the Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro Directional Shape Radial Taper 0.5″ Setback 6.5/10 Flex Like a few of the higher end Capita boards, I think that that …

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Capita Defenders Of Awesome

capita doa defenders of awesome snowboard 2018

The Capita Defenders of Awesome is a hybrid camber, medium flexing hybrid camber board, that has won 4 Transworld Good Wood awards.

Capita The Outsiders

capita the outsiders 2020

Capita The Outsiders is a true twin board, with a profile that is pretty close to regular camber. It has a medium flex, and is made to handle high speeds and big jumps.

Capita Slush Slasher

capita slush slasher snowboard 2016

The Capita Slush Slasher is one of the snowboard designs by Corey Smith made for the Capita / Spring Break experiment. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] The Slush Slasher is one of the more affordable boards in the Spring Break / Capita line. They come in 3 sizes, all short ranging from 143 to 151cm. Short, wide and …

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Capita Outdoor Living

capita outdoor living snowboard 2016

The Capita Outdoor Living is a mid flexing, twin freestyle board with zero (flat) camber.

Capita Indoor Survival

capita indoor survival snowboard 2017

Capita Indoor Survival 2017 The Capita Indoor Survival is a pretty affordable, mid flexing freestyle board that has a flat and rocker profile. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Capita Indoor Survival Freestyle Profile The Indoor Survival is flat under your feet, and then has reverse camber sections towards the nose and tail of the …

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Capita Horrorscope

capita horrorscope snowboard 2017

Capita Horrorscope Review The Capita Horrorscope is a famous soft jibbing snowboard. It uses their FK (Flat Kick) Technology, which means that it has a loose feel while riding. It is a true twin shape, so there is absolutely no difference if you ride it switch. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] To reduce the swing weight, …

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