Capita Spring Break Powder Twin

Capita Spring Break Powder Twin 2021 Review

The Capita Spring Break Powder Twin is a mid flexing, wider than normal twin shaped powder board.

Features of the Capita Spring Break Powder Twin

True Twin

Exactly the same shape and flex, so riding it regular or switch will be just the same.

5/10 Flex Rating

A medium flex rating, soft enough to move around without too much effort, but still stable enough to handle faster riding and rougher terrain.

Surf Rocker Twin Profile

capita spring break surf rocker twin profile

The Surf Rocker Profile has regular camber under your feet, with a small flat section outside that, with the Surf Rock out towards the tip and tail of the board.

Basalt Boosters

Strips that help dampen the ride of the board.

Holysheet Fiberglass

Dual Blaster Ashpop Core

Powder Drive Base

capita spring break powder twin base

Die Cut Base

Rather than having printed graphics, then a clear base material over the top, die cut bases are cut out of separate material, so they have a much cleaner look. Different boards will have different bases, as what is cut out of one base will be used on the next board. For example you might have a white base, with black letters, and the next board will have a black base with white letters.

Sizes available:

  • 153cm
  • 156cm
  • 159cm
  • 162cm

How the p0wder twin Rides

Board size: 156cm

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa 27.5

Bindings: Union Strata (medium)

I am 6 foot tall, and weigh 155lbs or about 70kg. I was riding the 2021 model, at Whistler, BC. I was riding with binding angles of +9 and -6, with a stance width of 21 inches.

capita spring break powder twin stance

I was able to ride this in a good variety of conditions, from soft and deep powder, to hardpacked groomers.

Camber Profile

Overall the Surf Rocker Twin profile feels quite similar to the majority of boards that have a camber section under the feet, with flat or rocker out towards the tips. The camber section that the board has is quite low, so it is far from having an aggressive feel.

capita spring break powder twin profile

Flex and Pop

The medium flex will push back nicely, and it does still have a reasonably stable feel at high speed. If a drop of jump surprised me, I could put the tail down early and count on the flex to absorb the impact and save me from a hard landing.

capita spring break powder twin ollie

It could be a combination of being out of practice, or my stance width, but I felt like I could hardly press the board at all. You can see in the video that I am struggling to keep the tail up at all.

capita spring break powder twin press

Edge Hold

Being a brand new board, and with the decent sized camber profile, the edge hold was quite good, even in very hardpacked snow.


Turning the Spring Break Powder Twin was nice and smooth in powder, it swapped edges nicely, and the overall feel was good, especially considering the twin shape isn’t really helping the tail to sink or nose to lift naturally.

capita spring break powder twin powder

The very wide width of the board means that it does have a slower edge to edge feel on groomed runs, so it does need a bit more leverage. Although it is noticeable at the start, once you get it onto the edge the small or tighter sidecut radius means that it will turn as quickly as you need it to. I found that after a few runs I got used to it, and swapping edges wasn’t an issue.

capita spring break powder twin turn

I did notice the wide width when riding in tighter trees that didn’t have fresh snow. It felt slow, and made it feel like hard work having to make quick changes to work my way through. It forced me to skid the board more than I would have liked to.


It’s a twin board, so switch is just the same as regular. I am not good enough to ride switch in powder (and I don’t feel like wasting a powder day trying to learn switch either), but if you are comfortable landing switch it will ride the same as regular.


The float in powder is pretty good, and nice to watch it work in the video as the wide width gives you plenty to float on. I still needed to lean back compared to any directional or set back board, but it didn’t really feel too hard, or tire my back leg out. The fairly mellow nose and tail curve did catch me out a few times, if I accidentally centered my weight and the nose went under it would quickly feel like it was grabbing and wanting to push me over the front.

capita spring break powder twin powder turn


I didn’t run into any issues with speed on the board, I rode it with the factory wax for a couple of days, then waxed it with an all temperature wax.


Overall the Powder Twin does the job it is advertised to do. It floats well in powder, and keeps the twin shape for anyone who wants to ride it switch. The other benefit that the wide width has is for riders with big boots. It could definitely be a good option as a do everything board if you are struggling to find a board you like with a wide enough waist width.

I don’t have enough need for riding switch in powder to justify a board like this, so it isn’t for me.

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Capita Spring Break Powder Twin 2022 Technical Specs

Length (cm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut Radius (m)Tip/Tail Width (mm)Rider Weight (kg)Rider Weight (lbs)

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