Dinosaurs Will Die Larson

Dinosaurs Will Die 2016 Review

The Dinosaurs Will Die Larson is a flat and reverse camber, twin park board with a medium soft flex.

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Features of the Dinosaurs Will Die Larson:

  • Twin Shape
    The twin shape means that the board will ride exactly the same in both the regular and switch directions.
  • Mid-Soft Flex
  • SINtered Base
    A durable and fast base material, that is good at soaking up wax.
  • RePop Camber
    It is flat to the outside of the inserts, and then reverse camber to the tip and tail. It is more stable and has more pop than regular reverse camber profiles.
  • Sandwich construction
  • Poplar Wood Core with Birch
    The core of the board is made with Poplar wood, with two birch strips that run along the inserts from the tip to the tail.
  • 12 Pack Inserts
    Lots of stance options with those inserts.
  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Factory Tuned Edges
  • Made in Austria

Sizes Available:

  • 151cm
  • 155cm

How the Dinosaurs Will Die Larson rides

Board: Dinosaurs Will Die Larson 155cm

Bindings: Flux TT

Boots: ThirtyTwo Tm Two

Stance: 21.5″ centered, +12° and -9°

Snow: Hardpacked groomers, soft snow in the trees.

Flex & Camber Profile

The Larson has the RePop camber profile, which is mostly flat (to just outside the inserts/bindings) and then reverse camber to the tip and tail.

To me it felt quite similar to other flat (mostly flat) boards that I have ridden, especially the Nitro T1 and the Nitro Glory Stomper.

It has a medium soft flex, which was nice and easy to press, but without being a noodle.


It’s a twin board, so riding it switch felt just the same as riding it regular.

Edge Hold

The edge hold was surprsing good for a board like this, much better than I expected. Though I was riding a new one, which hadn’t been detuned. At high speed, and on hardpacked snow it had no problem gripping well through the whole turn.


Turning was nice and easy, it had a smooth feeling and good hold throughout the whole turn.


Riding fast on the Larson was actually felt quite stable. As long as you have your weight centered, there was no loose or washy feeling that you get from a reverse camber board. The flex was still stiff enough that it could handle surprise bumps and rough snow.

The sintered base is fast, and it had no problems keeping the speed up on flat cat tracks.


The Larson has a decent amount of pop for a flat/reverse board, the medium soft flex pushed back nicely, so you could still get decent ollies without too much effort.

Jumps were nice on the Larson, it wasn’t too soft, so even landing tail heavy on a landing it was still able to hold on without washing out.


Overall the Larson is a good park board that sits somewhere in the middle for people who don’t want a super loose reverse camber board, and don’t want something as aggressive as a regular camber board.

It rides just as well all over the mountain as it does in the park.

If you are someone looking for a park board that they are going to ride everywhere, it would be a good choice.

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Size (cm) Waist Width Nose Tail
151 24.9 29.1 29.1
155 25.1 29.5 29.5


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