Capita Black Snowboard Of Death

The Capita Black Snowboard of Death (BSOD) is one of their all-terrain boards, that has been around for a long time. It is a mid stiff flexing, directional shaped board that is pretty light and fast.

Although there is now the super expensive upgraded version of the BSOD the Mega Death, that doesn’t mean that this is a basic board. It is as light, fast and responsive as any similar boards at the top of the line in other brands, but is now slightly overshadowed by the Mega Death.

How the 2024 capita black snowboard of death rides

Board size: 159cm

Boots: Vans Infuse

Bindings: Union Atlas Pro

capita black snowboard of death with atlas pro

I weigh 70kg or 155lbs.

This review is based on riding the 159cm 2024 Capita Black Snowboard of Death, with the Union Atlas Pro bindings, that have a stiff flex – which I think is a good match for this board.

Testing Conditions

I was riding this board at Mt Hotham, in Victoria, Australia. It was spring conditions, so quite firm snow in the morning, which stayed hard in the shade, while the rest turned into slush by the time it warmed up in the afternoon.

They aren’t bad conditions for testing a board out, because you get a good test for icy turns, as well as seeing how fast the board will ride in softer slushy snow, which can really slow a board down.

Although the Mega Merc and Mega Death were the highest on my list to ride, this is one of the boards that I have wanted to ride for a few years but never got the chance.

capita black snowboard of death lift

Camber Profile

To simplify it a bit, the profile is pretty much just traditional camber, with a rocker/reverse camber nose. The nose helps take the pressure off the front of the board, and makes the start of a turn a little smoother, when comparing it to a full camber traditional board.

Profiles like this feel quite solid under your feet, so at high speeds, and on rougher terrain the board feels planted. To explain that, I mean that it feels like if I suddenly need to make a quick turn, or handle something surprising in the terrain, I felt confident the board will handle it.

Flex and Pop

If anything, I would say that the board feels a bit stiffer than Capita rate it, at least at my weight of 70kg. Nothing crazy, and the board never feels like it is a handful.

Especially in the tail, the board has tons of pop.

capita black snowboard of death air

Edge Hold

Strong overall edge hold, with the Death Grip bump but I can’t tell if that is doing anything considerable.

capita black snowboard of death turn


I rode this in spring conditions (in the video above), so I didn’t have a chance to see how it would ride in proper deep snow. I expect that it would do well with the directional shape and profile, but I don’t know for sure yet.


Turns at low and high speed are smooth and easy, with a strong grip the whole way through the turn.


Like all the higher end Capita boards, this is fast, and has a nice structure from the factory. No problems at all on flat cat tracks, in slushy and warm spring snow.


  • Fast
  • Light
  • Damp


  • Expensive


I really liked the BSOD. It does everything that I would want in an all-mountain board, with nothing major that I can fault.

The board is stable, fast, has a solid flex and a damp feel that gives it a strong and powerful feel (that I think was almost missing in the Mega Death).

Still is an expensive option, though this is one of those boards that could be the only one that you own, and know that you can take it out in any conditions and expect it to perform well.

I wouldn’t say that the BSOD is a tough board to ride, but I think that you would want to be a fairly confident rider to get the most out of it. I am sure that anyone can get on it and be alright, but it definitely has the potential to handle the most aggressive terrain and riders.

This is going to be enough board for pretty much all riders, though if you have a big budget for a board, and the price is no problem then the Mega Death has everything this has, but lighter and faster. Overkill for most, but still a cool board.

Compared to the Mega Death, there are a few bigger sizes in the BSOD, that would be much more useful if you are a bigger rider with big boots. The BSOD goes all the way up to 169 wide, which has a very wide waist width of 274mm. I guess that it doesn’t make sense to have a $1000 board like the Mega Death in those uncommon more specific sizes.

FEATURES OF THE Black Snowboard of Death

Alpine V1 Camber

capita alpine v1

6.5/10 Flex

A bit stiffer than a medium flex, enough strength or stiffness to power through chopped up snow without feeling like too stiff.

0.8″ Setback

A slightly setback stance.

Thermopolymer Hover Core

This is mainly a paulownia and poplar core, with some recycled PET channels.

Holysheet Tri/Tri Fiberglass

Tri/Tri means that there is triaxial (three directions) of fiberglass on the top and bottom of the core, which gives the board a stiffer flex, when you compare it to a board that has biax (two directions of fibers). The Tri/Tri combination is used on the higher end Capita boards, Mega Merc, Super DOA etc.

Hyperdrive ADV Base

A fast sintered base – same as the one used on the Aeronaut, Kazu and Super DOA.

capita black snowboard of death base

Moonshop Omni Tune

The Mega Death comes with a good structure, which means that it is more efficient at moving water from under the base.

New Age Progressive Sidecut with Death Grip

A progressive sidecut means that it has a larger radius for the majority of the board, that blends in the a smaller/tighter radius towards the tail. They give the board a smooth and easy entry or start to the turn, with a strong or powerful feeling exit to the turn. This version also has Death Grip, which is a little bump in the center of the sidecut to add some extra grip in icy conditions.

Inlaid Alloy Skid Plates

Extra skid plate to give the board a little more protection.


LengthEffective Edge (mm)Nose/Tail Width (cm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Weight Range (lbs)Weight Range (kg)
156119729.6 / 29.52568.2/7.8/7.6130-19059-86
159122130.0 / 29.92598.4/8.0/7.8140-20063-90
162124530.4 / 30.22628.6/8.2/8.0150-21068-95+
157 Wide120530.5 / 30.32648.2/7.8/7.7140-20063-90
161 Wide123730.9 / 30.82678.5/8.1/7.9150-21068-95
165 Wide126931.2 / 31.12708.8/8.4/8.2160-220+72-100+
169 Wide130131.7 / 31.62749.0/8.6/8.5170-230+77-104+

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