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Nitro Slash 2021 Review

The 2021 Nitro Slash is a giant change from previous years, where it is pretty much a completely new board now. I first rode the Slash in 2018, when it only came in the 163cm, and had the shaped balsa core. I liked it back then, but the the main thing the two boards have in common now is the name.

Features of the Nitro Slash

  • Tapered Diectional
    This shape has a longer nose than tail, as well as taper that means that the width of the nose is wider than the tail, which helps the board float, as well as make smooth turns.
  • Cam-Out
    Pretty much a regular camber profile, that has a smoother and earlier transition into the nose and tail of the board. It basically has all the benefits of a traditional camber board, but being a little less “catchy”.
  • Wide Width
    Plenty of width on all sizes of the Slash, so even if you have big boots you are still going to be able to carve a small board without any toe or heel drag.
  • All Terrain Flex
  • Progressive Sidecut
    The sidecut is made with a large radius circle at the nose of the board, that blends into a smaller radius circle at the tail. It means that you get a smooth start to turns, that naturally wants to accelerate out of the end of a turn.
  • Reflex Core Profile
  • Power Core 2
    A poplar wood core, that has beech wood stringers to add extra strength and snap to the core.
  • Bi-Lite Laminates
    Two directions of fibers that gives it a smooth and predictable feel.
  • Sintered HD Speed Formula Base
    A hard and fast sintered base material.

Sizes available:

  • 151cm
  • 156cm
  • 162cm
nitro slash snowboard 2021
nitro slash snowboard 2021

How it Rides

Board size: 151cm

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa 27.5

Bindings: Burton Cartel

This review is based on me riding with my bindings set up to my regular angles of +12 on the front and -9 on the back, with a stance width of about 21.5 inches.

It had snowed overnight, and the groomers were nicely packed, with soft snow out in the trees.

Camber Profile

Although it has the Cam-Out profile which tones the camber down a little in the nose and tail, the model I tested had a huge amount of camber. I didn’t measure it, but in the center of the board it would have seemed like it was around 10mm, which is made much more obvious because of the short length of the board.

Flex and Pop

There was plenty of pop in the Slash – loads of camber, and a short stiffish tail pushed back well.

Edge Hold

I can imagine that the large amount of camber is added to give the board more stability and better edge hold for the short length, which seems to work. It was the sort of board that I was able to push right over onto the edge to take advantage of the wide width, and it never even hinted that it might slip out.


It was a fun board to ride in deeper patches, the longer nose, taper and short tail gave it a surfy feel, but still had a more solid feel than similar board with a rocker tail.


The base was is sintered, and I had no problem at all with the speed wherever I rode it.


I think that the new Slash is a good short and wide option, without having to go for something as full on as the Fintwin or the Pow. The camber keeps it solid and poppy, and it was much more stable than I expected from the length.

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Nitro Slash 2021 Technical Specs

LengthRunning Length (mm)Setback (mm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Weight Range (lbs)Weight Range (kg)

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5 thoughts on “Nitro Slash”

  1. Hi Robot,
    I am thinking a quiver of 2 boards from the nitro line. One All mountain, Freestyle, Park board and one for deep pow days.
    I am 85kgr 1,85m and 11US snowboarding for 15years. Mainly Switzerland.
    I was thinking the Nitro Team camber 157w and either the Nitro pow or the Slash in 156.
    Is there any overlap with the slash in your opinion ? Shall I go with the pow instead or change the Nitro team with the T1 in 155w and compliment it with the slash ?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Chris,

      I don’t think you can go wrong with the Team, overall it is a great board. I haven’t ridden the Pow yet, though I will have a review of it once it snows here and I get some decent time on it.

      There is a little bit of an overlap between the Slash and the Team, the main difference would be the exaggerated tapered shape and wide width.

      If you stick to Nitro, I would also have a look at the Squash or the Fusion/Woodcarver as options for deeper days. They have plenty of camber, stiff tails and shapes that float very nicely in powder. I really liked how they ride in deeper snow, but they are closer to “regular” boards, so the Slash/Pow/Fintwin would be good if you want a short and surfy volume shifted boards.

      If I were choosing (based on boards I have ridden), I would choose the Team for park/freestyle and the Squash for powder (though realistically it rides everything except for park super well).

  2. Hi Lachlan,
    Thank you for your reply. So I ended up with the nitro team camber 157w for park and groomers which is perfect for my 11US boot size. I noticed that the board has great pop and energy due to the full camber (9mm) which terrifies me a bit since I haven’t ridden a full camber for 11 years now but I cannot wait to experience it again. And I also got the nitro slash 156 since I really wanted a powder volume shifted board to ride everywhere. The nitro pow would be too extreme for my style. But in my case I noticed that the camber of the slash is very low comparing to the board you tested. It has a lot of rocker in that enormous long nose as well and it is very playful.
    Keep up with your excellent reviews. The snowboard community needs more people like you.
    Cheers and thanks again for you help.

    • Hi Chris,

      I just bought a Slash 156. How does it ride so far? I am 1.80 for 67-70 kg, experienced (can carve and “slash” snow). I want something for carving and I was undecided between Nitro slash 156 and Bataleon Party Wave 154.

      Also, do you think I should have gone with the Slash 162 instead?

      Best, Riccardo

  3. Hi Riccardo,

    Unfortunately I haven’t tried it out yet but I had exactly the same dilemma as yours.
    First of all the 156 is the right choice if you are looking for a fun board in every condition. The 162 is massive for your weight!
    Since I don’t consider myself as an aggressive carver, my decision was more based on the surfing feel and the playfulness but without losing the grip on icy conditions which let’s be honest we always have them here and there. Bataleon wouldn’t let me down for sure but because I already had the evil twin, I knew that in steep ice would not be able to hold the same edge as the slash.
    The advantage of the party wave for extreme carves is the width but in my opinion the slash will not disappoint either. It is stiffer than the simple party wave and probably the same stiff as the party wave plus.
    So that is why I ended up with the nitro and because I like their products more. It is a tough choice for sure.