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Salomon Derby 2017 Review

The Salomon Derby is short and wide board, that is made to be quick and easy to turn, and have lots of float on pow days.

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Features of the Salomon Derby 2017

  • Tapered Directional Shape
    The nose is about 10-15mm wider than the tail, which helps makes starting turns easy, as well as giving you extra float in powder.
  • Flat Out Rocker Profile
    Flat between the bindings, and rocker out towards the tip and tail of the board. The flat section gives you stability, and the rocker sections help keep everything loose and fun.
    salomon flat out rocker profile
  • Quadratic Sidecut
    The sidecut is made up of a blend of elliptical curves, which is designed to make turning smooth and easy, and nice changing edges.
  • Medium Flex
    Right in the middle, a do it all flex, that is not too soft or stiff.
  • Wide Width
    The wider width helps to give a short board like this more float in pow (more surface area), and is also helpful for people with big boots, so they get less toe and heel drag.
  • BiaxGlass
  • Popster
    Popster is Salomon’s core profiling, which means that the core has thicker and thinner sections, to get the best pop and skate feel from the core.
  • Aspen SLCT
  • Rocket Science
    The boards with Rocker Science are shorter to get a more playful ride, but the shorter length is put into extra width of the board, to keep them stable.
  • Royal Rubber Pads
    There are soft rubber pads that are in the sidewalls, made to help absorb impacts, and reduce vibrations from riding fast.
  • All Mountain Edge Bevel
    The tip and tail of the board comes detuned, and the board has a 1 degree base edge angle, that changes into a 2 degree between your feet for a bit more forgiveness.

Sizes Available:

  • 147cm
  • 151cm

How the Salomon Derby 2017 rides

Board: Salomon Derby 151cm

Bindings: Salomon District

Boots: ThirtyTwo Tm Two

Stance: 21.5″, +12° and -9°

Snow: Hardpacked groomers, very firm snow in the trees. Definitely not good conditions for this board.

Flex & Camber Profile

The Flat Out Rocker profile is a pretty common type for this style of board, where the flat section is designed to give you a bit of stability in turns, and on hardpacked snow, while the rocker tip and tail keep it loose, and keep it afloat in deep snow.


The tapered directional shape is designed to make turns easier and smoother, and the wider nose will help keep it afloat in pow. Turns are easy to start, and I didn’t notice that I needed any extra effort to get the board on edge (because of the slightly wider waist width). Wider boards like this are normally pretty fun for me, with size 10.5 boots, they are good as I can get the board right on to the edge, and carve hard without getting toe or heel drag.

Edge Hold

The board doesn’t hold a good edge, and I wasn’t even expecting much from a rocker/flat/rocker board anyway.


Riding it fast takes a bit of work, the shorter length and camber profile aren’t made for speed, and it shows.


I wasn’t able to get much pop at all from the Derby, and I wasn’t expecting much either. The short rocker tail hardly pushes back, so if you want a good ollie, you are going to have to work for it.


I didn’t get to ride this board in pow, which it could be amazing in (and maybe its only strength). For me, riding on groomers and hard packed snow, there was nothing I liked about it. That isn’t to say that I don’t like flat/rocker and short wide boards, the Capita Slush Slasher and Yes 420 are way more fun even when the snow isn’t good.

Being a short board, it is easy to move around, but it doesn’t hold a good edge, feels weak and soft in the wrong places, and had no pop.

If you are in the market for a short and wide board, I would recommend the Capita Slush Slasher, K2 Cool Bean and Yes 420 rather than the Derby.


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Salomon Derby Technical Specs

Size (cm) 147 151
Waist Width (cm) 24.5 26.8
Min/Max Stance (cm) 49.4 / 60.6 50.4 / 61.6
Tail/Tip Width (cm) 29.2 / 30.2 30.6 / 31.6
Effective Edge (cm) 109.5 112.5


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