DC Hellcity

DC Hellcity review 2014/2015

The DC Hellcity is a stiff flexing, regular camber fast riding twin park board. Regular old school camber gives it really good edge hold on hard snow, the stiff flex gives it really good pop and stability on jumps, and the fast base means you can fly around the mountain and not worry about knuckling big park jumps.

Sizes available:

  • 152cm
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm

Technology in the DC Hellcity:

True Twin

The Hellcity is a true twin board, so whether you are riding or landing switch or regular, the ride will still be the same.

Traditional Camber

The traditional camber gives you best edge hold, pop and stability.

Impact Core

The Impact core it made from poplar and ash wood, which gives it a stiff flex.

Quadrax + Carbon Stringers

In addition to the core, it has Quadrax fiberglass (4 layers/directions) and carbon stringers to help add pop.

Sintered Supreme base

The sintered base is fast, hard and holds wax really well.

Radius 2 Flat

The radius 2 flat nose and tail bend on the radius section, then extend to a flat section. This helps give the board better float in powder.

How the DC Hellcity rides

I rode the DC Hellcity on a combination of groomed runs, hardpacked ice, firm park jumps and lots of chopped up and uneven terrain.

Flex & Camber Profile

The DC Hellcity has has a stiff flex, that DC rate as a 8/10.  The stiffer flex comes from the Impact Core, which is a combination of both poplar and ash wood. It has the Quadrax fiberglass (4 layers, the more you have the stiffer the flex) and carbon stringers.

It has a regular/traditional camber shape, which gives you the best stability, pop and edge hold that you can get. With those pros come some cons, which means that although the board is fast and consistent, it isn’t an easy or forgiving board, you would want to be an experienced rider.


The DC Hellcity is a twin board, and so it rides just as nicely in switch as it does regular. The board turns edge to edge quickly and smoothly, and has a really solid feel throughout the whole turn. Even if you didn’t like riding park, the board is really nice for hard and fast carving on groomers.


The board is super fast, and it has a sintered base and a nice stone finish. Combined with the regular camber, it is the fastest board that I have ridden on, at high speeds the edge hold is really good, you don’t notice bumps and swapping edges is smooth.


Although the Hellcity has a stiff flex, it feels very even through the board (compared to a lot of boards that have a softer tip/tail). Pop is about as good as it gets, loading up your weight on the tail will force the board to pop you quite high. Big jumps are super smooth and stable, landing is super stable even if you land a tail heavy.


The DC Hellcity is a super fun board. Tons of pop, a really nice stiff flex, very solid edge hold and great in the air.

This would be the board to get for someone who wants to go big on park jumps, ride icy pipes or just wants an aggressive board that they can carve hard on and ride really fast all over the mountain.

I wouldn’t be put off by the flex, although it is stiff it is not like riding a plank, it is just nice and stable. When you ride it you can definitely see how people could be comfortably riding this on huge jumps.

Another similar board to look at would be the Burton Custom X.

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