DC Company Jacket

dc company jacket 2019

The DC Company jacket is a fairly high end, very waterproof jacket that I have been wearing for a couple of seasons now – and I have been very happy with it. It is the first Sympatex jacket that I have owned, and I never had any problems in any of the conditions I was …

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DC Space Echo

dc space echo snowboard 2017

DC Space Echo 2018 Review The Space Echo is a pretty aggressive, old school regular camber all-mountain snowboard. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the DC Space Echo 7/10 Flex Rating Camber Regular old school camber profile, that has Directional Twin Shape Twin Flex Stratus Core Triax Fiberglass Sintered Base Fresh Deck Top Sheet 2×4 …

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DC Media Blitz

dc media blitz snowboard 2016

DC Media Blitz 2018 Review The DC Media Blitz is Torsteins board, that has had quite a few changes in the last couple of seasons. It has changed from an aggressive camber board, to a playful and easy to ride board. If you read the specs, it sounds like it should be aggressive like it used to …

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DC Hellcity

dc hellcity snowboard 2015

DC Hellcity review 2014/2015 The DC Hellcity is a stiff flexing, regular camber fast riding twin park board. Regular old school camber gives it really good edge hold on hard snow, the stiff flex gives it really good pop and stability on jumps, and the fast base means you can fly around the mountain and not …

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DC Ply

dc ply snowboard 2017

DC PLY Review The DC PLY is actually a super fun park board. It has the Lock & Load camber profile, which is similar to a camber profile board, with a couple differences. To get rid of the aggressive, more catchy “camber” feel, the PLY has flat sections at the contact points, which are made to …

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The PBJ stands for the Park Board for Jibbing. The name sums up the type of board it is, pretty much a park board that is good for jibbing. It has a medium flex, which is (5/10) on DC‘s scale. It is a twin shape, so it being a jib board you need it to …

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DC Mega

dc mega snowboard

DC Mega 2015 Review The DC Mega is a pretty stiff board, it is made to be really aggressive, poppy and stable. It has the Lock & Load Camber, which means that the majority of the board is camber, with a flat section near the contact points. The sidecut shape on the Mega extends much closer to the …

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