The PBJ stands for the Park Board for Jibbing. The name sums up the type of board it is, pretty much a park board that is good for jibbing.

It has a medium flex, which is (5/10) on DC‘s scale. It is a twin shape, so it being a jib board you need it to ride as well switch as regular.

It has DC’s Anti Camber profile, which is a bit flat stable zone between your bindings, and rocker at the tips and tail. This makes the board something that is stable enough when you need it, but still fun and forgiving when you want to muck around.

Although it has the medium flex, you will still get a lot of pop out of this board because of the Camber Core in the Anti-Camber zone, and the Astro core. Basically this is not going to be a floppy park noodle.

It has an extruded base, which is slower than the sintered on some higher end boards, but the extruded bases are easier to fix. If you are doing the sort of riding that this board is designed for, you will appreciate the easy to fix base.

Tech in this board:

  • Anti-camber
  • Camber core
  • Biax glass
  • Astro core
  • True twin
  • Structurn base


  • Fun, poppy park board.

Available sizes:

  • 144cm
  • 149cm
  • 153cm
  • 157cm


I was originally interested in this board when I saw a few older videos of Torstein Horgmo riding this. He was taking it off big jumps, and still having no problem hitting any of the rails. Obviously, I am nowhere near as good as him, but we all want the boards that our favorite riders use, right?

The Board name is also available in a wide version.

Board name previous season graphics

DC pbj past season graphics

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