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Rome National 2020 Review

The Rome National is an all mountain, ride everywhere mid flexing (almost) camber board.

rome national snowboard 2020 sitting in the snow

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Features of the Rome National 2020

  • Fusion Camber
    Overall Fusion Camber has a traditional regular camber profile (pictured in red), with just a tiny rocker section (pictured in green/blue) at the contact points on the tip and tail.
    rome fusion camber profile
  • 6/10 Flex
  • SinterSpeed Base
    A sintered base, that soaks up wax and keeps the board moving fast.
  • SinterStrong Sidewalls
    A little more elastic than regular sidewalls, they are designed to help absorb vibrations and chatter from high speed riding, as well as making the board more durable.
  • Glasspack Impact Plates
    When you are riding hard the corners of your binding can put a lot of pressure on the board, which you might have noticed if you have ever taken bindings off, sometimes it leaves dints in the board. To add extra strength, the Glass Impact Plates sit under the bindings and help to spread the pressure out, as well as absorbing impacts and protecting the core of the board.
  • SuperPop Core Matrix
    This design is features on some of the higher performing Rome boards, which need a lightweight and responsive feel. It has mostly poplar core to keep it strong, as well as 3 strips of lower density wood to keep the weight down.
  • 45/90 Hybrid Laminate
    A mix of 45 degree and 90 degree laminates, that gives enough response without being too aggressive.
  • Directional Twin Shape
    It is designed with a centered stance and sidecut, but has a 25mm longer nose than the tail.
  • Carbon Single Barrel Turborods
    Running down the center line of the board, it starts at the inserts (where you mount the bindings) and runs out towards the tip of the board. The idea is that the carbon rod helps to add extra snap and pop to the board, with out making the board too torsionally stiff, so it doesn’t feel like you are riding a plank.

Sizes available:

  • 149cm
  • 152cm
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 157cm Wide
  • 158cm Wide
  • 162cm Wide
  • 167cm Wide

How it Rome National 2020 Rides

Board size: 156cm

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa SJ

Bindings: Rome Katanas set with a 22.5″ stance width, at +15 and -9.

This review is based on me demoing the 2020, and comparing it to my main board – the Salomon Ultimate ride that has a fairly similar features and design.

Camber Profile

In general I like traditional/regular camber boards over any other flat/rocker or hybrid mix. You can’t beat the edge hold, pop or stability, and I think you can get much more out of a camber board, with less work. The Fusion Camber is a regular camber profile, with a little rocker section at the contact points on the nose and tail of the board to make it the tiniest bit less aggressive. In real life, it rides like a solid camber board, without any of the catchiness that you might sometimes feel.

Flex and Pop

With a 6/10 flex rating, it is right in the sweet spot for me, fast riding it still felt stable and predictable, and it wasn’t hard to move around and press. The nose and tail push back nicely for ollies and nollies.

Edge Hold

The edge hold of the National is good, it is what you would expect from a camber board. All parts of a turn feel smooth and strong, and I wasn’t worried about the board slipping out when I hit an icy patch unexpectedly. The 156 that I rode has a fairly standard waist width, and turning quickly edge to edge was nice and smooth.


Boards like this (camber mid/stiff flexing) are generally pretty good to ride at high speed, and this wasn’t an exception. I had waxed the board just before riding it, so keeping my speed up wasn’t an issue at all, it was very quick even on flat cat tracks. The weather had been changing constantly, but the speed was still as good in rain and super wet snow, as well as groomers and fresh snow. After a couple of days of riding, the speed hadn’t dropped off much, and the base didn’t look like it was drying out, so it seems from an early impression to hold wax well.


  • Solid camber feel that is still easy to ride
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect amount of pop for my riding


  • I don’t think the graphics look that good


If I didn’t have a very similar board (Ultimate Ride) this would be my top choice for a do everything and ride everywhere board. It is lightweight, quick, poppy and makes fast riding on unpredictable terrain easy.

[tab title=”Technical Specs”]

Size (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Running Length Waist Width Nose Length Tail Length Sidecut Radius Weight Range (lbs) Weight Range (kg)
149 1160 1090 250 210 190 7.51 100-150 45-68
152 1185 1115 252 215 190 7.70 110-165 50-75
154 1195 1125 254 220 195 7.92 115-170 52-77
156 1215 1145 256 220 195 8.12 150-215+ 68-98+
158 1235 1165 256 220 195 8.33 150-220+ 68-100+
157 Wide 1225 1155 268 220 195 7.95 130-190 59-86
162 Wide 1275 1205 270 220 195 8.26 155-220+ 68-100+
167 Wide 1325 1255 274 220 195 8.32 155-220+ 70-100+


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rome national snowboard 2018

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