Nitro Eero Ettala

Nitro Eero Ettala 2017 Review

The Nitro Eero Ettala pro model is a twin shaped, traditional camber board that gives you loads of pop and control.

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Features of the Nitro Eero Ettala 2017

  • Twin Shape
    With a centered stance, it will ride exactly the same in both regular and switch directions.
  • True Camber
    Original camber, which gets you lots of pop, a stable ride and strong edge hold. The harder you ride it, the better it performs.
  • All Terrain Flex
    A medium flex rating.
  • Dual Progressive Sidecut
    This sidecut has a tighter radius closer to the tip and tail, which is made to get a smooth entry and exit to turns.
  • Powerlite Core
    The highest grade of wood core in the Nitro line. It is made of very lightweight Poplar wood, to get good pop at a low weight.
  • Tri-Lite Laminates
    This is made to get a balance between board flex and torsion control, the laminates run in 3 directions.
  • Diamond Band
    These are carbon stringers that run from the tip to the tail of the board.
  • Ballistic Impact Panels
  • Railkiller Edge
    Railkiller edges are much bigger than normal edges, that are thicker and extended further into the board. They are designed to be able to take much more of a beating than regular edges.
  • Sintered Speed Formula Base
    A fast and tough base material, that is good at soaking up wax, and keeping the board moving fast.

Sizes Available

  • 155cm
  • 158cm

How it Rides

Board size: 155cm

Height & Weight: 6 foot / 183cm & 150lbs / 68kg

Boots: ThirtyTwo TM-TWO

Bindings: Nitro Team set with a 22.5″ stance width, at +15 and -9.

Camber Profile

It is nice to ride a board like this with traditional camber like this one, with no flat or rocker sections. It reminded me a lot of how my older Burton Custom used to ride. They day that I got to ride the Eero Ettala had pretty bad conditions, where even the groomed runs were very firm, with a little bit of slush towards the bottom of the lifts.

The camber gave a very solid feel, and the stable ride like this one is much nicer on a day like this where the snow is not at all forgiving.

Flex and Pop

I would say that this had a medium to stiff flex rating, and combined with the camber it had plenty of pop. Loading up the tail for an ollie meant the board would snap back nicely, so it didn’t take much work to get big floaty ollies. Popping off jumps felt very stable, and even if you were to land tail heavy on a landing, the board holds up and doesn’t want to wash out at all.

Edge Hold

The day I was riding was a great test for edge hold, as conditions made the snow very hard. At high speed, the board had no problem holding an edge, it was actually really fun to be able to carve hard and fast and know that the board wasn’t going to slip out.


The base is fast, and combined with the traditional camber meant that it was very comfortable riding at high speeds.


I really liked the Eero Ettala, it works very well as a fast and aggressive freestyle board. It isn’t a super easy board to ride, but the camber really pays off if you ride it hard. For someone who knows that they like riding camber, and want a board that will hold up well on big jumps and fast riding, it will be perfect.


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A video posted by Eero Ettala (@eeroettala) on

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