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Nitro T1 Review 2014/2015

The Nitro T1 is a popular park snowboard. It has the Zero Camber profile, which means that it is flat between the contact points. This profile shape is right in the middle between rocker and camber.

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It is a twin board, so it is going to ride the same if you are riding switch or regular.

It has the Park Flex, which is right in the middle of stiff and soft, rated at a 5/10. Being such a popular board, it is available in 4 sizes, from 149 to 159, and each of them have a wide version which can handle up to a size 13 boot.

Sizes available:

  • 149
  • 149 Wide
  • 153
  • 153 Wide
  • 156
  • 156 Wide
  • 159
  • 159 Wide

Technology in the Nitro T1:

Powercore II

The core of the T1 is poplar wood, which also has beech wood stringers to add strength and snap.

Bi Lite Laminates

Two directional laminates (the more you have the stiffer the flex)

Whiplash core profile

The Whiplash core is made to be thinner between your bindings and thicker outside, which means that it is easier to press, but still has good pop when you load up the nose or tail.

Zero Camber

Flat camber profile between the contact points of the board.

Railkiller Edge

The Railkiller edge is twice as thick as normal edges, made to handle beatings in the park.

Sintered Speed Formula HD Base

The sintered base is hard and fast, and does a good job at soaking up wax and keeping you going fast.

How the Nitro T1 rides

When I rode the Nitro it was mainly on fairly hardpacked groomed runs as well as chopped up powder. I used medium flexing Flux TT bindings and ThirtyTwo TM-Two boots.

Flex & Camber Profile

The Nitro T1 has a middle of the range flex, that Nitro call their Park Flex. It is easy to press and butter, but not so soft that it can’t hold you up. When you load up the tail, there is still good pop.

The Zero Camber profile is actually much better than I thought it would be. I didn’t have high hopes at the start, thinking that it would just be a plain mix between rocker and camber, but it was a nice surprise.


The Nitro T1 is a twin board, and so it rides just as nicely in switch as it does regular. One thing that I really liked about this board, which is probably due to the Zero Camber, is the turn initiation. It is super easy to start a turn, and it is very quick changing edge to edge.

It has a Radial Sidecut, so the sidecut is made from one large circle.

snowboard sidecut radius


Although it was easy to press, had good pop and was fun to butter, it was surprisingly stable at speed. High speeds on groomed runs felt stable and in control, without the unpredictability that you get on regular reverse camber boards. Of course it isn’t as stable or aggressive as a camber board, it wasn’t too far off. When getting up to really high speeds, keeping your weight centered and knees apart really helped keep the board locked in and in control.

It has a fast sintered base, and I had no problem getting and keeping speed anywhere on the mountain. On the flat cat tracks it was easy to keep speed and had no problem overtaking everyone else.


Popping off jumps and rollers was good, and ollies on flat ground were easy and smooth. Buttering and other flatground tricks were easy, and the Zero Camber made it easy to force around spins without catching an edge.


Overall I really like the Nitro T1. It is super fun, without being uselessly soft or overly aggressive. It holds a good edge at speed, is stable but is also still stable. Fast turns are really fun, and that is all before you get into the park. Solid off jumps, and still loose enough that you don’t have to be perfect to get 270s off rails.

Perfect for someone who wants a fun board that they can ride all over the mountain, but still want to spend a bit of time in the park.

If you are someone who wants to do more jumps, have a look at the Nitro T1.5 – basically the same board but with the Lowrider Camber shape instead of the Zero Camber.

[tab title=”Technical Specs”]

Size (cm) 153 153W 156 156W
Effective Edge (mm) 1140 1140 1160 1160
Tip Width (mm) 289 305 293 307
Waist Width (mm) 246 262 250 264
Tail Width (mm) 289 305 293 307
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.9 7.9 8.2 8.2
Stance Range (in) 19.7-24.4 19.7-24.4 19.7-24.4 19.7-24.4
Stance Range (mm) 500-620 500-620 500-620 500-620
Rider Weight (lbs) 110-155 110-155 120-165 120-165
Width Regular Wide Regular Wide


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nitro 2015 t1 snowboard
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nitro t1 snowboard

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nitro t1 snowboard 2013
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nitro t1 snowboard 2012

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nitro t1 snowboard 2011
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