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K2 Fastplant Review

The K2 Fastplant is a flat profile, twin shaped poppy freestyle snowboard.

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Features of the K2 Fastplant:

Freestyle Baseline

The majority of the board is flat, with smaller rocker sections at the tip and tail of the board.

k2 freestyle baseline profile


From the K2 Site:

A revolutionary tweek to the ends of our industry leading Baseline technology. By extending the Baseline rocker all the way out to the absolute ends of the board, new ride-able surface is unlocked, giving you a bigger, more stable platform to press, float and land on.

What this means for everyday riding is that the smoother bend to the tip and tail mean that you have a bigger section of the board that touches the snow, which makes nose and tail presses easier and more stable than on a regular board.

Twin Hyper Progressive Shape

It is a twin shape, so it is going to have the same feel if you are landing or taking off switch, and the sidecut is made from a whole bunch of different radii, which means that carving hard is smooth in and out of the turn, and not catchy.

Centered Stance

The centered stance is pretty common with twin park boards like this so that if you are riding or landing switch, you are still centered over the middle of the board.

Bambooyah Core

Bamboo core, strong and poppy.

Triax Glass

3 layers of fiberglass add to the flex rating and pop of the board.

Ollie Bar

The Ollie bar is a bar made up of carbon, Kevlar and urethane, which is made in a camber shape. Putting that in a flat board means that you get much more pop than you usually do in a flat board.

Sintered Base

The sintered base is super fast, and does a really good job of holding wax.

1° Base Bevel

The fastplant has a 1 degree bevel on the base edge.

Sizes available:

  • 151cm
  • 154cm
  • 157cm
  • 160cm

How the K2 Fastplant rides

I was able to ride the K2 Fastplant on hardpacked groomers, in the park and through powder.

Flex & Camber Profile

The Fastplant has the Freestyle Baseline shape, which is flat for most of the board with a small rocker section at the tip and the tail. Normally on a flat board, I would expect it to be loose and forgiving, with some decent edge hold compared to a reverse camber board.

The stiffer flex, and the Ollie Bar, combined seem make this board ride much more like a camber board than expected. The edge hold is good, and riding at high speed is solid and stable.


As you would expect, the twin shape of the board means it rides just as nicely switch as it does in regular.


The board has no problem going fast, which is helped along by the fast sintered base. The stiff flex and the flat profile keep it solid and stable on groomed runs, and smashed through chopped up snow easily.


There is plenty of pop in this board, which I am guessing comes from the camebered ollie bar and bamboo core. Loading up the tail will give you decent ollies, and it has a very stable feel in the air.


The Fastplant is a fun board. It is fast and stable, with tons of pop. There still is a bit of forgiveness in the flat profile, but it is definitely not a loose flat board.

I would be happy to recommend this board for someone who wants an all mountain freestyle board, or someone who wants a solid park board that can handle big jumps.

It is a high end board, that is fast, fun and poppy.

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K2 Fastplant Specs

Size (cm) Effective Edge (mm) Tip / Tail Width (mm) Sidecut Radius (m) Rider Weight (lbs)
151 1203.0 290.7 7.8 110-190
154 1228.4 294.0 7.9 <180
156W 1228.4 306.0 7.9 >150
157 1253.8 297.3 8.0 130-210
159W 1253.8 309.3 8.0 >160
160 1279.2 300.6 8.1 >150
162W 1279.2 312.6 8.1 >170



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