Stepchild Mai Tai

Stepchild Mai Tai 2016 Review

The Stepchild Mai Tai is a twin shaped, micro camber soft and fun park board. Stepchild rate it as having a flex rating of 4/10.

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good wood logo 2016Features in the Stepchild Mai Tai

  • Micro Camber – The small amount of camber is made to give you the feel of a broken in camber board, but still giving you pop and stability.
  • Kicker Core – tip to tail poplar wood core.
  • True Twin – rides exactly the same in switch as it does in regular.
  • Extruded Base – tough and easy to repair base.
  • Biax Fiberglass – two layers of fiberglass.

It is available in these sizes:

  • 149cm
  • 152cm
  • 155cm

How the Stepchild Mai Tai rides

I was able to ride the Stepchild Mai Tai on a combination of soft slushy snow, groomed runs and heavy powder.

Flex & Camber Profile

The camber profile of the board is called the Micro Camber, which is a small amount of regular camber. It is designed to ride and feel like a broken in camber board, so it is close to flat but still has good edge hold and a solid fee.


The Mai Tai is a true twin board, so riding it switch is just like riding it in regular, there is no difference in the sidecut, nose/tail or stance.


Probably due to the camber, the board is still pretty solid at high speeds, even without being stiff it has a solid feel and doesn’t chatter on chopped up runs.


Combining the camber and the flex rating give this board good pop, nothing crazy but plenty for popping solidly off jumps.


Overall, the Mai Tai is a super fun board for all kinds of snowboarding. The micro camber has a great feel straight away, gives you a bit of pop and stability, without being super aggressive.

The medium-soft flex means that you can butter and press easily, but it still gives a solid ride at high speeds.

I would recommend the board for everyone from people who want to do park laps all day, to people who want a fun board to ride all over the mountain.


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Technical Specs

Size Waist Width Sidecut Radius Effective Edge Weight Range
149cm 248mm 7.12m 1160mm 115 – 165lbs
152cm 250mm 7.28m 1186mm 120 – 180lbs
155cm 252mm 7.46m 1200mm 130-190lbs


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