Stepchild Dirtbag

stepchild dirtbag snowboard 2015 2016

Stepchild Dirtbag Review 2015/2016 The Stepchild Dirtbag is a flat camber, asymmetrical medium-soft flexing twin snowboard. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Sizes available: 148cm 150cm 154cm 154cm Wide 157cm Wide 158cm 160cm Wide Technology in the Stepchild Dirtbag: TGIF Flat Camber The TGIF Flat Camber is a flat for the length of the board, which is made to …

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Stepchild Mai Tai

stepchild mai tai snowboard 2015 2016

Stepchild Mai Tai 2016 Review The Stepchild Mai Tai is a twin shaped, micro camber soft and fun park board. Stepchild rate it as having a flex rating of 4/10. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features in the Stepchild Mai Tai Micro Camber – The small amount of camber is made to give you the feel …

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