Dinosaurs Will Die MaeT

Dinosaurs Will Die Maet 2017 Review

The Dinosaurs Will Die MaeT is their Team board (MaeT being team spelt backwards) which is a soft flexing, regular camber twin board.

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Features of the Dinosaurs Will Die maeT

  • Twin
    The twin shape means that the board will ride the same in the regular and switch directions, which is what you want if you are going to be riding in the park, landing and taking off switch.
  • Lowrider Camber
    The lowrider camber is similar to a regular camber profile, but with a lower rise in the middle of the board, which makes it a little more forgiving, while still giving the benefits of a camber board.
  • 3/10 Flex
    The soft flex is easy to press and move around.
  • Extruded Base
    Extruded bases are tough, don’t need much maintenance, and if you damage them, they are easy to repair.
  • Mid-Wide

Sizes Available:

  • 148cm
  • 152cm
  • 155cm
  • 158cm

How the Dinosaurs Will Die maeT rides

Board: Dinosaurs Will Die maeT 152cm

Bindings: Fix X-Lock

Boots: ThirtyTwo Tm Two

Stance: 22.5″ centered, +12° and -9°

Snow: Hardpacked groomers, packed snow in the trees with a few cms of fresh snow on top.

Flex & Camber Profile

The maeT has a pretty soft flex, that is rated as a 3/10. It is easy to hold a nose press, and there is lots of forgiveness when you are buttering. The lowrider camber is pretty much just a more mellow version of traditional camber. Like regular camber, the lowrider still gives you some of the good parts of camber boards, with less of the downsides.


It is a twin board, which is what you would expect from a park board. As long as you set up the bindings with a centered stance (which you probable would), there won’t be any difference in the board shape whether you are riding it regular or switch. Twin boards make the most sense for park riding, where you are going to be riding or landing switch pretty often.

When I was riding it there was nothing crazy about the shape, the sidecut felt fairly standard, it turned nicely without much effort.

Edge Hold

The edge hold was pretty good for a soft board, the lowrider camber definitely helped the edges to get a good solid grip on the snow. The day I rode it was quite hard packed and icy on the groomed runs, which is a good test. It didn’t take much for the board to dig in a and hold a good edge throughout the whole turn.


Being a jib and park board with a soft flex, I wasn’t expecting a hole lot of stability riding at high speeds. The maeT did a decent job at high speeds though, which I am guessing is due to the lowrider camber. It didn’t have the super catchy feel of regular camber, even if you were riding it with a flat base.


There isn’t a huge amount of pop, but you wouldn’t expect much from a board like this with a soft flex rating. That isn’t to say it is a complete noodle though, if you load the nose or tail right up, it will still push back nicely.


Overall the Dinosaurs Will Die maeT was a fun to ride board. For me it is exactly the sort of board that I would buy for my style of riding. It has a nice soft flex, is still stable if you ride it fast or are landing jumps, the lowrider camber is not aggressive but still gives you a bit of pop. The look of the board doesn’t affect what I would buy, but I can see how the 2017 might not impress some people. The topsheet is mostly just plain blue, with the simple doodle/graphic looks almost like a kids board.


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Size Nose Width (cm) Waist Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Sidecut Radius (m)
148cm 29.0 25.2 29.0 8.4
152cm 29.5 25.4 29.5 8.6
155cm 29.9 25.7 29.9 8.6
158cm 30.3 26.0 30.3 8.6


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