Bataleon Disaster

Bataleon Disaster Review

The Bataleon Disaster is a very soft flexing, twin shaped park and jib board, that uses Bataleon’s Triple Base Technology.

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Sizes available:

  • 144
  • 148
  • 151
  • 153
  • 155
  • 154W

Features of the Bataleon Disaster 2017:


The Disaster has Bataleon’s JIB TBT, which has the widest center base of the different TBT versions.

16 Wide Pattern

It has a 4×4 set of inserts for plenty of stance options.

Extruded Base

The extruded base is tough and easy to fix if you do end up damaging it.

Pop Core

The Pop Core is a full poplar wood core, that has plenty of flex but still being strong.

Bi-ax Laminates

It has two layers of laminates which keep the board flexible and playful.

How the Bataleon Disaster rides

Flex & Camber Profile

The Disaster is one of the softest flexing boards that you can get, most manufacturers don’t make many boards that are softer than a 2/10. Presses and buttering on this board could not be easier. Almost no effort is needed to keep the board presses and easily hold it up.

If you have been used to riding some stiffer boards, it will take a bit to get used to such a soft flexing board. Shifting your weight forwards or backwards can easily hold a nice press.

Out of all the Bataleon boards, the Disaster has the Jib 3BT, which means that it has the widest center base. This means that it has a more stable section (and room for error) for presses, 50-50s and anything that needs a flat base.

Like all Bataleon boards, and one of the best advantages of the 3BT style boards are that they have a camber profile. You still get the good edge hold, pop and stability from camber, but when you are riding the board flat based, the raised contact points keep the board really loose and fun.

It doesn’t take too much to get used to, it has a very natural feel while riding. You can easily switch from edge to edge keeping strong edge hold, and easily flatten out the board to get the loose and forgiving feeling back.


The Bataleon Disaster is a true twin board, which is what you would expect for a street and jib board. Riding and landing switch has the same feel as riding regular.


It has an extruded base, which is not the fastest, but is the best choice for the a jib board. It keeps the cost of the board down, and is tough and easy to repair when it does get damaged.

I was able to ride a freshly waxed Disaster and I still had no problem keeping speed up on packed groomers and afternoon slush.


The Disaster doesn’t have a huge amount of pop, but it definitely has more than a reverse camber 2/10 board. The regular camber shape helps give some pop, but overall it is a very soft board.


I was surprised at this board, I originally was thinking that it was going to be a fun board in the park, but no so useful around the rest of the mountain.

Because of the 3BT, the board was still a lot of fun riding around the whole mountain, it has good edge hold and was still surprisingly stable at speed for a board that soft. The board has good edge hold on hard packed snow, but most people would probably give this board a good detune if they are going to ride a lot of rails, so that will only be while the edges are new and sharp. Landing jumps is a bit tougher, you have to make sure that you are centered or else it is easy to wash out.

The Disaster is going to be a good board for someone who wants a super soft board for jibbing and rails, as well as the sort of rider who wants something soft and forgiving for cruising around the mountain. If you want a board that is really soft so it makes buttering look super easy, this is the board for you.


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Bataleon Disaster Technical Details

144 148 151 153 154W 155
Contact length (cm) 110 114 117 119 119 121
Tip/tail width (mm) 285 290 291 293 305 297
Waist width (mm) 248 250 250 252 263 255
Setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Sidecut radius (m) 7.25 7.35 7.45 7.55 7.60 7.70
Inserts 16 16 16 16 16 16
Stance width (mm) 490-650 495-655 500-660 500-660 500-660 505-665


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