Endeavor New Standard

Endeavor New Standard 2014/2015

The Endeavor New Standard is part of the All Terrain Freestyle range.

From Endeavor’s site:

The goal for this deck was simple: to create a completely new style of board that is stable yet loose, aggressive yet fun and soft yet poppy. Wider than the average deck, this board is designed to be stable on landings and at high speeds while being floaty in deep snow.

Sizes available:

  • 145
  • 148
  • 151
  • 154
  • 157

Technology in the Endeavor New Standard:

All Terrain Freestyle 3d Camber

Overall, this board is has a flat profile, so it is right in the middle between a regular camber board and a reverse camber board. The thing that sets it apart from other flat boards is that it has bent up contact points, in a similar way to all Bataleon boards.

E-Tech Construction

E-Tech is a group of features that is on a few Endeavor boards, that basically means that it has seamless sidewalls, biax fiberglass (two directions), a tip to tail wood core and an extruded base.

Seamless Sidewall Technology

It has Urethane (90A) sidewalls, that runs around the whole board. Urethane, which is the same material used to make skateboard wheels is good at absorbing vibrations and making a damper and smoother ride.

How the Endeavor New Standard rides

I was able to ride the New Standard on a combination of freshly groomed snow, light powder and chopped up runs.

Flex & Camber Profile

The Endeaver New Standard is a flat profile board, with raised or bent up contact points.

It is rated as having a soft flex, which is a 3/10 on Endeavor’s scale.

Like you would expect from a flat board, turns are very easy, and need almost no effort at all to initiate the turn and swap between edges. When you are riding with a flat base is when you start to notice the raised contact points. You can be less than perfect with riding, forcing around spins and butters and not have to worry about catching an edge.


The New Standard has an extruded base, which isn’t as fast as a sintered base but is going to be easier to repair if you do end up damaging it. The board I was riding was freshly waxed and I had no problem riding fast or keeping the speed.

Even with the easy to ride flat camber, if you keep your weight centered and knees apart there was no problem riding fast through chopped up snow at the end of the day.


It is a pretty soft and playful board, so there isn’t a huge amount of pop. The nose and tail seemed quite soft to me, the board seemed to have a slightly stiffer flex between the bindings. It makes it super easy to hold nose and tail presses, but the tradeoff is having a bit less pop.


One of the Pros of the New Standard is the graphics. Each size has a different black and white old fashioned poison/medicine graphic. The topsheet is made in a nice matte finish.

endeavor new standard sizes


The Endeavor New Standard is a fun board, and I think that it would be best for beginner to intermediate riders. The flat camber is easy to ride, still stable at speed and very playful with the raised contact points.

It would be a fun park board, that doesn’t cost too much, but I wouldn’t want to take it off any XL jumps.

If you wanted a board that has a similar ride, in the same price range that is a bit more stable, I would look at the Nitro T1.

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