Jones Mountain Twin

Jones Mountain Twin 2020 Review

The Jones Mountain twin is a medium stiff flexing, mostly camber directional twin board that is made to ride a bit of everything. It’s a good all rounder, and would probably be my top choice if I could only choose one Jones board to ride.

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Features of the Jones Mountain Twin

  • Twin Flex
  • Camrock Profile

    Camber between your feet, with rocker on the nose and tail of the board for extra float in deep snow, as well as making turns smooth and easy.
  • 7/10 Flex
  • FSC Mountain Core
    Made up of two different densities of wood, as well as having bamboo stringers for extra pop.
  • Triax Fiberglass
    Three directions of fibers, that give the board a solid flex, lengthways and torsionally.
  • Sintered 7000 Base
    A hard and fast base material, that has carbon added for extra speed.
  • Eco Plastic Topsheet
    Made from castor beans, it is lightweight, scratch and dint resistant, and snow is less likely to stick to it.
  • Oversized Recycled Edges
    Bigger than normal edges for extra strength, as well as being made with recycled steel.
  • Recycled ABS
    Recycled ABS is used in the sidewalls
  • Super Sap Bio Resin
    Rather than using petroleum based epoxy, Jones boards use a bio-based, renewable epoxy. The ingredients of the Bio-Resin are co-products or waste from other plant-based industrial processes. Bio resin creates about 33% less greenhouse gas emissions than regular epoxy.
  • Blunt Nose
  • V-Core
  • Factory Tuned
    The boards come already detuned, so you can ride them right away.
  • Traction Tech 2.0
    Serrated edges help give the board extra edge hold on hardpacked snow and ice.
  • Progressive Sidecut
    The closer to the ends of the board that you get, the sidecut gets larger, which means you get a smoother entry and exit to turns.
  • Flip Flop Base
    One of the ways they waste less material is to alternate the base colours. For example, one board might have a black base with a red Jones logo, while the next board is made up of the opposite parts of the puzzle, so it will have a red base, with a black Jones logo.

How it Rides

Board size: 154cm

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa SJ

Bindings: Flux XF

This review is based on me demoing the 2020 model, though I have also ridden the 2018 model a couple of years ago. I was riding at Mt Hotham, Australia. The conditions were cold and dry, with very hardpacked and windblown snow (almost ice) with patches of soft and dry snow.

Camber Profile

The Camrock profile is a pretty popular one, almost every brand has something that is similar, keeping camber between your feet, then some way to make it a bit more forgiving on the contact points. It is popular because it works, and you get most of the good parts of a traditional camber board, with less of a catchy feel.

Flex and Pop

You might think that because there is a stiffer Ultra version of the Mountain Twin, that the normal Mountain Twin is soft. For my weight, which is around 70kgs/155lbs, I would describe it as having a medium to stiff flex. It is definitely stiff enough that smashing through chopped up snow and unpredictable terrain is easy, even if you are sitting way back on the tail of the board.

Edge Hold

In general, I would expect fairly good edge hold from a board with the Camrock profile, which is what you get on the Mountain Twin. Adding to that is the Traction Tech (Magne-Traction) or whatever the current name of it is, but the serrated edges have that familiar tearing sound on hard turns on icy snow. I did feel like I could push the turns a bit harder and still count on the edges holding in questionable conditions.


Speed was good on the Jones Mountain Twin, the base is sintered, was freshly waxed so there weren’t any situations where I felt like the board was riding slow, even on flat cat tracks. I have ridden older models in warm springy and slushy conditions, and the speed was never a problem.


  • Good edge hold without feeling catchy


  • Heavier weight


Overall, the Jones Mountain Twin is a good choice for someone looking for an all-mountain, ride everywhere board. Comparing it to the rest of the Jones line (excluding the Ultra Mountain Twin), it has a quick and direct feel swapping edge to edge, as the rest of the range have some level of spoon or base bevelling on the nose, while the Mountain Twin is flat edge to edge. With the 2cm setback stance, rocker in the nose andf tail it still floats as well as you can expect a twinnish board to, and if you wanted to ride it centered you can just adjust your bindings forward a bit.

Unless you were a super aggressive or heavy rider, this version is going to be stiff enough, even though they have a fancier and stiffer Ultra version.

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Jones Mountain Twin Technical Specs

Length Effective Edge (cm) Nose/Tail Length (cm) Waist Width (cm) Nose/Tail Width (cm) Sidecut (m) Setback (cm) Weight Range (lbs) Weight Range (kg)
151 112 20.5 24.8 28.78 7.4 2 110-160 49-73
154 114.6 20.7 25 29.06 7.6 2 120-170 54-77
155w 115 21 25.8 29.83 7.695 2 130-180 59-82
157 117 21 25.3 29.42 7.8 2 130-180 59-82
158w 118 21 25.8 29.94 7.9 2 140-190 64-86
160 119.4 21.3 25.6 29.8 8 2 150-200 67-91
161w 120.6 21.2 26 30.18 8.2 2 150-200 67-91
162 121.4 21.3 25.6 29.84 8.195 2 160-210 73-95
164w 123.2 21.4 26.2 30.47 8.4 2 170-220+ 77-100+
167w 125.6 21.2 26.8 31.03 8.8 2 170-220+ 77-100


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5 thoughts on “Jones Mountain Twin”

  1. Hey man,

    Great reviews. I’m interested in a 157 mountain twin. I’m 5 foot 9, 165lbs (75kg), and wear size 9 Burton imperials. My questions is how is this board for euro carving? Are you able to lay down some low carves with it? I last rode a 155 mercury and loved how low I could get in carves, but I’m interested in the MT for my east coast ice riding. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey man,

    Great reviews. I’m interested in a 157 mountain twin. I’m 5 foot 9, 165lbs (75kg), and wear size 9 Burton imperials. My questions is how is this board for euro carving? Are you able to lay down some low carves with it? I last rode a 155 mercury and loved how low I could get in carves, but I’m interested in the MT for my east coast ice riding. Thanks in advance!

    • Oh definitely, the Mountain Twin and Mercury are quite similar, so if you can get right over on the smaller Mercury you should be able to get even further on the 57 MT.

  3. Hey mate,

    I just ordered a Mountain Twin 156 wide 2022, but I just read some YouTube comments under your review where recommended sizes and I’m a little unsure whether or not I made the right decision. I’m 175cm, 70kg and got the Nitro Team Boots size 10,5 US und Team bindings size M… according to Jones sizing chart I’m fitting right in – what do you think?

    Cheers Olly

    • Oh I think you made the right decision, the size you ordered sounds ideal – a good match for your weight and boot size, it will work out well.