Lib Tech Ejack Knife

The Lib Tech Ejack Knife is a directional, medium stiff, cambered board that has a classic feel.

How the 2024 Lib Tech Ejack rides

lib tech ejack knife 2024

Board size: 157cm

Boots: Vans Infuse

Bindings: Bent Metal Axtion

I weigh 70kg or 155lbs

This review is based on me riding the 157cm Ejack, with a fairly narrow stance.

I was riding this board at Mt Hotham, in Victoria, Australia. It was spring conditions, so quite firm snow in the morning, which stayed hard in the shade, while the rest turned into slush by the time it warmed up in the afternoon.

They aren’t bad conditions for testing a board out, because you get a good test for icy turns, as well as seeing how fast the board will ride in softer slushy snow, which can really slow a board down.

Camber Profile

lib tech ejack knife 2024 topsheet detail

The Ejack has the C3 profile, which is basically a traditional cambered profile. According to Lib Tech’s description, it has an early rise nose.

The cambered profile with the mid-stiff flex make the board feel very stable.

Flex and Pop

It is described as a mid-stiff board, and that felt spot on to me. It takes some effort to flex the tail for an ollie, but it does push back hard. Plenty of pop, with enough strength that makes light work of chopped up snow.

Edge Hold

The edge hold is very solid on this board, even a little more than I expected it to be. On a medium stiff cambered board like this, I have high expectations, and it held up well. It does have Magne-Traction (serrated edges), which are probably overkill but still add extra grip.

Fast turns on icy snow in the shade first thing in the morning are no issue. Putting plenty of weight over

lib tech ejack knife 2024 nose lift


I wasn’t able to ride it in any proper fresh snow, so I would only be able to guess how it would perform.


Turns are fine on the Ejack. They feel smooth to start, which I assume is also helped from the early rise nose and the slight bit of taper. It is quick and easy swapping between edges, a smooth transition.


This board is nice and quick, especially in a straight line. I was riding a freshly waxed board, so there were zero issues even on slushy almost flat cat tracks at the end of the day.

lib tech ejack knife 2024 base


  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Poppy
  • Classic camber feel


  • A tiny thing, but I am not a fan of Lib/GNU boards that don’t have an edge running around the nose and tail. True, it is easier to fix, but it is easier to damage as well.


Overall, the Ejack is a solid board. I think that it would be favoured by older riders who want a classic feeling board, that has a few modern upgrades.

Camber, directional with a bit of taper and some magne-traction – you can’t go too wrong.

I think that to get the most out of a board like this you would want to be a pretty confident rider. It isn’t a super catchy board, but it still isn’t a easy and forgiving ride. If you have the ability to push it hard, I don’t think you are going to run into any situations where you hit the limit of what the board can do.

FEATURES OF THE Lib Tech Ejack Knife

C3 Camber Profile

The C3 profile is cambered overall, though depending on the exact model there is a small amount of rocker between your feet. It is minimal though, and on some C3 boards you can hardly even see it.

lib tech c3 camber

Horsepower Construction

The Horsepower group of features mean that the core is a mix of 60% aspen and 40% paulownia. It has triax firberglass (three directions) on the top of the core, and biax (two directions) on the bottom. In terms of the lineup, Horsepower is one notch above the more basic Original Power set of ingredients.

Sintered Base

A fast sintered material.


When you look down the sidecut of the board, you will see the serrations of lumps, rather than a smooth sidecut. The idea is that when you are making a turn, your weight is going to be focused on the lumps, giving the board a better change of cutting through hard snow and ice.

Birch Internal Sidewalls

UHMW Sintered Sidewalls

UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection

Lib Tech Ejack Knife TECHNICAL SPECS

LengthContact Length (cm)Nose/Tail Width (cm)Taper (mm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Weight Range (lbs)Weight Range (kg)
15411029.3 / 29.122518120+55+
15711230.1 / 29.382538130+60+
15911430.2 / 29.482548140+65+
159 Wide11431.2 / 30.482648150+70+
162 Wide11731.7 / 30.6112658150+70+

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  1. Which was your favourite all mounain snowboard – Ejack, Aeronaut or Alternator? Which would be the best overall resort snowboard? Thank you.

    • That’s tough actually – but I would probably go with the Alternator because it was the most solid at speed. It’s less playful overall, but such a solid carver.

      If you want a bit more playful then the Aeronaut, or for a more standard/classic feel the Ejack.