Burton Family Tree Territory Manager

Burton Family Tree Territory Manager 2023 Snowboard Review

This is probably one of the least crazy shapes in the Family Tree set of boards, at first glance it looks almost like a regular twin-ish shaped board. It is a stiff flexing, tapered board with a directional camber profile. Read about it on Burton.com

How the Territory Manager Rides

My setup

Board size: 154cm

Bindings: Burton Cartel X EST

Boots: Vans Infuse

burton family tree territory manager

Testing conditions:

I was riding this in fairly standard Australian spring conditions, so there was a good mix of very hard icy sections, soft enough but grippy groomed runs, and heavier deeper melting slush.

I ride most all-mountain/directional style boards with a similar setup, and this one was the same with angles of +12 and -9, and stance width set to the recommended/reference points.

Before riding this I hadn’t looked into any details at all of what this board was about, so it was all a surprise to me.


directional camber

I’ve been on a few Burton boards with this profile (Kilroy Pow/Deep Thinker/Skeleton Key), so it wasn’t something completely new. It is a profile that I like, because I do favour traditional camber boards in general.

Overall it does feel like a camber board, so the rocker section in the nose isn’t too noticeable – it didn’t ever feel loose, though it was also still smooth and easy to start a turn, so the balance seems to be pretty good.


I had been riding a Custom X before, so I was expecting the Territory Manager to be at least a bit softer flexing overall. To my surprise, it felt noticeably stiffer than the Custom X, which does have the reputation of being a fairly stiff board.

It didn’t feel like it needed too much effort to ride, or to get the most out of it, which I think would have been helped with the taper and the rocker on the nose seeming to tone down the stiff flex.

Edge Hold

With the stiff flex and the mainly camber profile the edge hold was very strong, even in very icy sections. I was able to rest all of my weight on my toes when riding fast, and just cruise through slippery sections without much of an issue at all.


It does have a sintered base like the majority of the boards that I test out, but I think that it was a combination of the other features that really helped the speed. The stiff flex, profile and taper gave me plenty of confidence to ride as fast as I want, as it would just power through any surprises. Even though it was a fairly small board compared to what I often ride, it held it all together very well.

Who would this board suit?

I wasn’t able to ride this in any powder, so I can’t really comment on how it would do in proper deep snow. For the conditions that I rode it in, I would say it would be good for old school riders who want an agressive board with a traditional camber feel. It will keep everything feeling very solid and stable no matter the speed, and the stiff flex will let it handle heavier riders easily.

Does it come in wide models?

There aren’t any specific wide models of the Territory, but the 160 and 165 sizes have plenty of width, with the 160 having a waist width of 260mm and the 165 with 168mm. If you have size 11 boots or bigger, sticking to those two models will be safest.

burton family tree territory manager on lift

Similar Boards

Burton Custom X

The Custom X is a bit softer, and with a plain old camber profile, so it is a bit closer to a twin board. If for some reason you don’t want a rocker nose or taper, then this could be worth having a look at.

Nitro Banker

The Banker has a few similar features – camber, taper and a setback stance, though it is softer than the Territory Manager.

burton family tree territory manager

Features of the Burton Family Tree Territory Manager 2023

Directional Camber

Overall the profile has a decent section of traditional camber, with rocker on the nose.

8mm Taper

This means that the nose is 8mm wider than the tail, which means the board start turns smoothly, as well as gives some extra float in deeper snow.

Twin Flex

Although it has taper and a directional profile, the flex of the board is the same both directions – so the tail isn’t any stiffer than the nose.

Super Fly II 700G Core

A pretty popular core on Burton boards, this is used on the Hometown Hero, Process, Custom, Skeleton Key, Deep Thinker, Free Thinker and boards around that level. As the price of the board goes up, the weight of the core goes down.

Dualzone EGD

The wood core mainly runs with strips from tip to tail, but along the edges the strips are rotated to help with edge hold and the strength of the board.

45 Degree Carbon Highlights

Sintered WFO Base

A sintered base material, that comes infused with wax from the factory.

The Channel

On pretty much every Burton board except for their rentals, the Channel gives you a bit more flexibility with binding positions.

More details on it here.

Sizes Available:

  • 142cm
  • 148cm
  • 154cm
  • 160cm
  • 165cm

Technical Specs

Board Size (cm)142148154160165
Weight Range80-120 lbs. / 36-54kg100-150 lbs. / 45-68kg120-180 lbs. / 54-82kg180-260 lbs.+ / 82-118kg+180-260 lbs.+ / 82-118kg+
Waist Width (mm)240248255260268
Stance Location (mm)-25-25-25-25-25
Binding SizesMen’s S, Women’s LMen’s M, Women’s LMen’s L, Women’s LMen’s L, Women’s LMen’s L, Women’s L
Running Length (mm)9601020108011401190
Sidecut Radius (m)
Sidecut Depth (mm)
Stance Width (mm)505530530560560
Nose Width (mm)280.1290.4299.7306.9316.8
Tail Width (mm)272.1282.4291.7298.9308.8
Effective Edge (mm)10201080114012001250

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