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Burton Custom X 2023 Snowboard Review

The Burton Custom X is one of Burton’s high end performance boards, that has roughly kept the same design and features for quite a long time. Basically, it’s a stiff, directional shaped camber board that does best for agressive riding/riders.

There are two versions of this board, the regular camber and the Flying V. The Flying V version is a very strange thing. If you have read other things I have written on this site, you would know that in general, I am a big fan of classic and traditional old school boards. It is a strange thing to take a high end performance board like the Custom X, take the good parts away (camber profile) and replace it with a beginner or easy to ride Flying V profile.

Like a lot of things, image is more important than performance for a lot of people, and the Custom X Flying V does tick those boxes. So someone can buy the Flying V, say they ride a Custom X and not actually need to have the technique or experience to ride the proper camber version.

Either way, this review is all based on the camber version of the board.

Compared to the regular Custom, the Custom X has a stiffer flex, and a lighter core. Read more on Burton’s site here.

How the Burton Custom X 2023 rides

Size: 156cm

Bindings: Burton Cartel X EST

Boots: Vans Infuse

Weight: 70kg / 155lbs

Height: 6ft / 183cm

I had this board set up in a very similar way to most boards that I ride. Close to the reference points for the stance with, with angles of around +12 and -9. I normally ride most boards with my own Cartel X bindings, but this board had the Cartel X EST, so a very similar feel.

burton custom x 2023 top view

Conditions: Australian spring conditions, which was big patches of very icy snow, mixed with soft slush.


The waist width of the Custom X is a touch on the narrower side, which is not at all a bad thing, it means that it feels very quick edge to edge. You only need the smallest amount of effort to swap edges, and it feels very smooth and quick.


Although this is the type of board that is going to be at home on XL and bigger jumps, other than a straight air, they are above my skill level. I rode a few laps through the easier park, which was all medium sized features. It has a very solid and safe feeling on the jumps, and you can get things very wrong and still ride away without washing or sliding out.

I was riding a new Custom X, with sharp edges though on boxes and rails it still slid smoothly. It can always be a bit of a mystery on how a new/sharp board will feel in the park, but this one was fine straight away. Even if I owned it, I don’t think that I would bother detuning it at all.


I rode this for quite a while, in conditions that often end up pretty slow by the end of the day. Warm slushy snow can really slow down boards, but it wasn’t an issue that I noticed at all, even in heavy traffic, main runs.


In the past (on the board in the photos below) the Custom X felt much much stiffer than the current version. Although both boards felt very stable at high speed, the old one seemed like it would kill you if you made even a small mistake. That could have been just my technique at the time, but I don’t remember that feeling from other aggressive boards that I had ridden at that time either.

Although this new one is somewhere in the mid-stiff range, it is not the scary board that it used to be. There is a lot of life in the board, if you flex it hard it will push back quickly. Big ollies aren’t hard, and it gives you a lot of confidence in the air even if things are going wrong because you can count on the board holding everything together when you do land.


The Custom X is an expensive board. There is no complaining about how the board rides, is built or the overall quality. It isn’t really too far from the regular Burton Custom, so could you make the small downgrade and still get a board that will do everything?

I would be looking at the Custom X if you are they type of rider who likes to go fast, either started out riding camber or just likes the predictability of camber boards and wants a board that they could push as far as their riding will every take them.

If you are a heavier rider then that might make the Custom X a better choice than the regular Custom, and if you have big feet there are still 3 sizes (158, 162 and 166 wide) that can handle some decent sized boots.

If you want a stable camber board but aren’t that worried about going a tad softer and spending a bit less, look at the Custom as well. Still a very capable option.

If you have any unanswered questions about the Custom X leave them in the comments below.

burton custom x 2018 base
A couple of photos from the last Custom X that I demoed, quite a few years ago.
burton custom x 2018 top sheet

Features of the Burton Custom X 2023


A traditional profile, that gives you good pop, edge hold and stability, though it isn’t the easiest profile to ride.

Stiff Flex

Although this does have a stiffer overall flex, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as full on as it used to on the old models. Burton call this one the “hardest charging board we make”, though to me the Territory Manager felt a big notch stiffer to me.

Directional Shape

A longer nose than tail, though that isn’t going to stop you riding the board switch all day if you wanted to.

Twin Flex

Even with the fairly subtle directional shape, the flex is the same from nose to tail, so riding it switch will have the same flex feel.

Dragonfly 600g Core

One of their lighter cores, on average it is about 100g lighter than the majority of theirs boards which use the 700g core.

Multizone EGD

45 Degree Carbon Highlights

Sintered WFO Base

A sintered base material that is infused with wax.

The Channel

The Burton alternative way to mount bindings to the board, that potentially gives you more options for stance widths.

Sizes Available:

  • 150cm
  • 154cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm
  • 162cm
  • 158cm Wide
  • 162cm Wide
  • 166cm Wide
Size (cm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut Radius (m)Sidecut Depth (mm)Nose/Tail Width (mm)Running Length (mm)Effective Edge (mm)Weight Range (kg)Weight Range (lbs)
158 Wide2627.921.5305.01165121568-118+150-200
162 Wide2648.222.2308.51205125582-118+180-260
166 Wide2668.423.0312.01245129582-118+180-260
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