Burton Family Tree Territory Manager

burton family tree terrain manager 2023

Burton Family Tree Territory Manager 2023 Snowboard Review This is probably one of the least crazy shapes in the Family Tree set of boards, at first glance it looks almost like a regular twin-ish shaped board. It is a stiff flexing, tapered board with a directional camber profile. Read about it on Burton.com How the …

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Burton Step On X Review

boots in step on x bindings

I first got to try out some early Step-Ons a few years ago at a demo day, though only for a couple of runs to quickly get an idea of how they worked. After a quick run down on how to get in and out I was off. Although they seemed simple enough at the …

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Burton Cartel X Review

burton cartel x bindings

I first rode the Cartel X on a demo day where I was testing out a bunch of Burton boards. At that stage my Cartels were my regular binding, that I had ridden for a couple of years, and was very familiar with. I hadn’t heard about the Custom X yet, and was more interested …

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Burton Kilroy Pow

burton kilroy pow snowboard 2021

The new Kilroy Pow is based on the Stun Gun shape, but has a few features changes to keep the price down. A good value option for someone who doesn’t want to spends too much, but still needs the features of higher end boards.

Burton Deep Thinker

burton deep thinker snowboard 2021

The Deep Thinker is the directional, set back brother to the more freestyle focused twin Free Thinker. It was a board that I was really hoping that I would like, because I had heard good things from friends who have a similar riding style to me, and I like the way it looks, but it isn’t for me.

Burton Free Thinker

burton free thinker snowboard 2020

Burton Free Thinker 2020 Review The Burton Free Thinker is a medium flexing, traditional camber twin board, which is exactly the type of ride I like. It is one of the two of Danny Davis’ boards, while the other Deep Thinker has a directional shape and directional camber. These sit in the middle of the …

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Burton Kilroy Twin

burton kilroy twin snowboard 2020

The Burton Kilroy Twin (formerly known as the Kilroy Process) is a medium soft flexing, twin shaped camber board with a good price.

Burton Skeleton Key

burton skeleton key 2020

Burton Skeleton Key 2020 Review The Burton Skeleton Key is a directional shaped board, that has a pretty good mix of camber and rocker which makes it a good board for all-mountain riding. Features of the Burton Skeleton Key Directional CamberRocker on the nose for extra float in deep snow, and smooth entry to turns. …

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Burton Name Dropper

burton name dropper snowboard 2017

Burton Name Dropper 2016 The Burton Name Dropper is is a medium soft, twin park board made with and off axis design. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] The standout feature of this board is the off-axis design. It isn’t an asymmetrical design, the side cut on the heels and toe is the same, it is …

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Burton Cartel

burton cartel bindings 2020 black

The Burton Cartel is a popular medium stiff binding that works very well riding any terrain.

Burton Cobrashark

burton cobrashark bindings

The Burton Cobrashark is an interesting binding. Like some of the similar technine bindings, they have some unique highbacks. The highbacks actually wrap around, so the idea is that you can flex/press/tweak easier than you can on bindings with regular highbacks. Combined with the much larger ankle strap, tweaking these bindings should be a breeze. …

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Burton Mission Re:Flex

burton mission black 2017

Burton Mission Re:Flex Bindings 2017 The Burton Mission Re:Flex are just like the EST Missions, but come with discs so that you have the option to mount them on normal boards, as well as boards with The Channel. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the 2017 Burton Mission Re:Flex Bindings Medium flex rating Medium / Firm …

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Burton Custom X

burton custom x 2024

Burton Custom X 2023 Snowboard Review The Burton Custom X is one of Burton’s high end performance boards, that has roughly kept the same design and features for quite a long time. Basically, it’s a stiff, directional shaped camber board that does best for agressive riding/riders. There are two versions of this board, the regular …

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Burton Pile Driver Review

burton pile driver

The Burton Pile Driver, or its full name – the Family Tree Pile Driver is a combination pow surfer/no board. It only comes in one size – 140cm. It has a couple of uses, as a regular powder board, or use the rubber pads ride it as a noboard with no bindings. Mounting bindings is …

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Burton Malavita

burton malavita binding

The Burton Malavita is their popular freestyle binding, but it is still an option if you don’t ride park all day. The Malavita does have some nicer features to go along with the higher price, but you might be able to get all the performance you need from a cheaper model. How The Burton Malavita …

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Burton Custom

burton custom 2024

The Burton Custom is one of the most famous and longest running snowboard models. It is a freestyle board, that has a traditional camber profile, a directional shape and a medium flex rating.

Burton Custom Flying V

burton custom flying v snowboard 2017

Burton Custom Flying V 2017 The Burton Custom Flying V is a less aggressive version of the classic Burton Custom. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Burton Custom Flying V Flying V The Flying V profile is made to get the best of both regular camber, and rocker styles, with the least of their …

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