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Telos Chillum Twin 2023 Review

The Telos Chillum is a very solid, classic feeling camber board that I think old school riders who grew up riding camber will appreciate the most.

How the chillum Rides

Although I say that the Chillum Twin rides like an old school camber board, that is just the overall feeling, there are loads of tiny little things in the profile and shape that give it the peformance, with slightly less of the work.

Board size: 158cm

Boots: Vans Infuse size 9.5

Bindings: Burton Cartel mediums (equivalent to the current Cartel X)

I am 6 foot tall and weigh 155lbs – or 183cm tall and 70kg. I rode the Chillum Twin in Whistler, in everything from slushy spring conditions, to fairly light fresh snow.

I had my bindings set up in a pretty standard way for me, which is normally around +12 -9 for angles, and the front foot set a little bit back to make the stance a bit narrower. I have this setup on almost every board that I ride, no matter if it is twin or directional.

Camber Profile

I really like the feel of this camber profile, I think it is very well thought out and works well in all the conditions that I rode it in. There is just a little bit of rocker on the nose and tail, enough to get ride of the catchy feel. The rest of it has a springy and lively camber feel, which is what I generally like in boards.

Flex and Pop

Medium stiff boards are my favourite, so it isn’t a surprise that I really liked how this one felt. It didn’t need me to put in too much effort to flex the board, and it always snapped back nicely.

Edge Hold

The edge hold of the Chillum Twin is very good. As you can see in the video, there are quite a few small things going on with the sidecut, and when combined with the profile and the small rocker between your feet, you get very strong edge hold all the way through a turn.


There is a fairly smooth entry and exit to the turns, but what made it good was knowing that no matter the conditions, I could count on the board not even skipping or wanting to slide out on icy sections.


I didn’t ride the Chillum in any real powder, though I still wouldn’t expect much from a twin shaped board anyway.


I had waxed this before riding it, and the sintered base kept the speed pretty consistent from fresh snow down to man made and slush at the bottom of the mountain.


Overall the Chillum Twin feels like a modern version of a classic traditional camber board. It still has the camber feel, but with all of the positives and none of the negatives, so you can count on it to stay stable, feel lively and give you really good edge hold.

The finishing quality of the board was really nice, it was tuned well and not edge high, so there was no problems taking the brand new board straight into the park. No unwanted gripping on any boxes or rails, and it didn’t want to punish me if I didn’t get a spin all the way around.

This is one of those boards that is from a newer brand, so hopefully some people give it a chance, but it could be a tough one as people often stick to the “big” brands that they have known for a while.

Similar boards:

Burton Custom X

I think that the Custom X 2023 has a very similar overall feel to the Chillum, especially in the flex and stability. If anything the Chillum might be the tiniest bit softer, but hardly a noticeable change.

Burton Custom

Same as above, but with a slightly softer flex.

Telos Legend

Overall quite similar, just a little notch softer and more forgiving.

Features of the Telos Chillum

Mini Dual Camber

telos chillum dual camber profile

Putting the board on the table, overall there is a cambered profile. Once you look a bit closer there are a few other things going on, with some rocker in the nose and tail, as well as a tiny bit of rocker between the feet, which is sort of similar to the C3 profile on Lib Tech and GNU boards.

7/10 Flex

A medium stiff flex, and I think that the rating is spot on.

Poplar & X-Wood Core

Carbon Springs

Triax Fiberglass

Three directions of fiberglass, which helps add a bit of torsional stiffness to the board.

Polyurethane Sidewalls

Direct Digital Print Topsheet

Ceramic Edge Tune

Full Wrapped Edge

Nothing special about that, just means that the edge wraps the whole way around the board.

Laser Etched Sidewall

Custom Twin Shape

Sizes available:

  • 146cm
  • 149cm
  • 152cm
  • 155cm
  • 158cm

Telos Chillum 2023 Technical Specs

Length (cm)Effective Edge (mm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Camber (mm)

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