Nitro Mountain

Nitro Mountain x Griffin 2021 Review

The Nitro Mountain is a fun, classic feeling all-mountain snowboard that does a little bit of everything well.

Features of the Nitro Mountain

  • Directional Shape
    The Mountain has a longer nose than tail, and a 15mm setback stance.
  • Cam-Out Camber
    Pretty much a regular camber profile, that has a smoother and earlier transition into the nose and tail of the board. It basically has all the benefits of a traditional camber board, but being a little less “catchy”.
  • Mid-Wide Width
    There is a little extra width on these boards, though nothing crazy. Even the 163cm board only has a 259mm waist width.
  • All Terrain Flex
  • Progressive Sidecut
    The sidecut is made with a large radius circle at the nose of the board, that blends into a smaller radius circle at the tail. It means that you get a smooth start to turns, that naturally wants to accelerate out of the end of a turn.
  • 7/10 Flex Rating
    A medium stiff flex, that is best for an all-mountain board.
  • Standard Core Profile
  • Power Core 2
    A poplar wood core, that has beech wood stringers to add extra strength and snap to the core.
  • Bi-Lite Laminates
    Two directions of fibers that gives it a smooth and predictable feel.
  • Sintered HD Speed Formula Base
    A hard and fast sintered base material.

Sizes available:

  • 157cm
  • 160cm
  • 163cm

How it Rides

Board size: 160

Boots: Salomon Launch Boa 27.5

Bindings: Burton Cartel

This review is based on me riding the 160cm 2021 Nitro Mountain x Griffin, with my regular Burton Cartel bindings. They were set up with my regular angles of +12 on the front foot, negative 9 on the back foot and I had a stance width of just under 22 inches.

The snow conditions were quite good, overnight it had snowed around 8cm, groomers were fast and the snow in the trees was soft with some surprise deep spots.

nitro mountain x griffin nose

Camber Profile

Although it has the Cam-Out camber profile, it rides like a regular camber board.

Flex and Pop

There was plenty of pop in the tail, it was very solid but had a good kick if you put the effort in to flexing it. You could easily make a mistake and land very tail heavy and it would not even feel like it would wash out.

Edge Hold

No complaints at all about the edge hold, it was very strong even on a few hard and windblown sections that I could find.


It has a nice directional shape, and the slightly shorter tail helped the board to float nicely in softer snow, without needing any work to keep the nose up. I was only riding it in a little bit of fresh snow (at most 15cm) so that gave me a bit of an idea of what to expect on a really deep day.


The base is sintered, so it was nice and quick wherever I would ride it. The camber profile kept it very stable at high speed, I didn’t ever notice any chatter.


  • Nice camber feel
  • Solid all around board


  • Nothing to complain about


Although there is nothing that makes the Mountain stand out like crazy, it is a very solid all-mountain board. With camber, directional shape, medium-stiff flex and a nice base, it does everything well. I had fun on it just turning as hard as I could on groomed runs, it is one of those boards that makes the simple things fun.

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Nitro Mountain 2020 Technical Specs

LengthEffective Edge (mm)Setback (mm)Waist Width (mm)Sidecut (m)Weight Range (lbs)Weight Range (kg)
nitro mountain x griffin 2020


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