Nitro Squash

Nitro Squash 2021 Review The Nitro Squash was originally part of the Quiver series of boards, but got popular enough to become its own separate model in the regular lineup. There are now mens and womens regular and split options, as well as youth sizes. A new size for the 2021 season is the 163cm wide version, which has a…

Nitro Drop

Nitro Drop 2020 Review The Nitro Drop is an all mountain, directional board that is designed to be the one board you can take anywhere, no matter the conditions. The Cam-Out profile gives it a solid feel if you are carving on groomers, and the directional shape gives it extra float in powder.

Nitro Mountain

The Nitro Mountain is a fun, classic feeling all-mountain snowboard that does a little bit of everything well.

Nitro Woodcarver

The Woodcarver is one of Nitro’s high end, carving boards that is still made to float in powder. It is a smooth and fast turning board that can handle a lot, but it isn’t a cheap one.

Nitro Slash

The 2021 Slash is a giant change from previous years, where it is pretty much a completely new board now. I first rode the Slash in 2018, when it only came in the 163cm, and had the shaped balsa core. I liked it back then, but the the main thing the two boards have in common now is the name. 

Nitro Fusion

The Nitro Fusion is their all-mountain, ride everything board that is one of the best all-around boards that I have ridden.

Nitro Team

Nitro Team 2020 Review The Nitro Team is their do everything, all-mountain board that I think gets the balance right with the shape, flex, camber and just the way it rides.

Nitro Santoku

Nitro Santoku 2020 Review The Nitro Santoku is a bit of a unique board, with a twin shape, long nose and tail, traditional camber and a soft soft flex.

Nitro Beast

Nitro Beast 2020 Review The Nitro Beast is a very full on board, super stiff, traditional camber, that would be a top choice if you want to ride the biggest jumps, and charge everywhere. You would want to be a pretty aggressive rider to get the most out of this one.

Nitro Machine

Nitro Machine Review The Nitro Machine is the top of the line binding from Nitro. It is stiff, light and aggressive. This is the binding for people who want to ride big lines, and need high end gear to do it. This is a really stiff binding, which Nitro rate as a 9/10 for flex. The Highback is light and…

Nitro Thunderbolt Splitboard Review

The Nitro Thunderbolt Splitboard is the most technologically advanced splitboard. The biggest feature of this splitboard is the Koroyd core. Rather than a standard wooden core, the core is Koroyd, which is around 70% lighter than a standard wooden core, has better dampening by reducing vibrations and chatter. The Thunderbolt comes in 3 sizes: 157cm 162cm 166cm It has a traditional camber (lowrider)…

Nitro Nomad Splitboard Review

Out of the three splitboards that Nitro offer, the Nomad is the only one with their Flat out Rocker shape. While the other two (Thunder and Thunderbold) are standard camber, the Nomad is flat and has slightly raised or rockered contact points. It is going to help with float, make for smooth turns while still able to handle lots of conditions. The…

Nitro Bad Seed Review

The Nitro Bad Seed is made to be a killer, stable park board. It has a mid range flex, that Nitro call their Park flex. Strong enough to be stable on jumps, but still able to be pressed out and tweaked. A little less agressive than regular camber, but a whole lot more reliable than rocker is the Lowrider camber. It means you are…

Nitro T1

Nitro T1 Review 2014/2015 The Nitro T1 is a popular park snowboard. It has the Zero Camber profile, which means that it is flat between the contact points. This profile shape is right in the middle between rocker and camber.

Nitro Uberspoon

The Nitro Uberspoon is designed to be a do it all board, that has a few changes in the 2017 model compared to previous years.