Nitro Nomad Splitboard

The Nitro Nomad Splitboard is a basic, affordable entry level option to get started. It has all the basic things you need to get out there, with nothing fancy that pushes the price up.

What makes the Nitro Nomad so cheap?

Just like in solid or regular snowboards, simple features keep the cost of the board down.

The Nomad has a simple core that uses just one type of wood, a cheap extruded base – and although these don’t really affect the price, a simple flat to rocker profile and radial sidecut.

Buying a splitboard setup is a big cost, you have to treat it like an investment. The actual board, skins, bindings, backpack, avy gear – it adds up fast.

The Nitro Nomad Splitboard comes in three sizes:

  • 156cm
  • 161cm
  • 169cm

Features of the Nitro Nomad Splitboard:

Flat Out Rocker

Mid Wide Width

As a general brand guideline, boards from Nitro are fairly narrow. They rate this as a mid-wide, and it does get into a bit wider waist width on the two bigger sizes. It is never super wide, but when it is combined with the PowerPods, you can more comfortably get bigger boots on this board.

Radial sidecut

A very simple and basic sidecut, that is made to have a predictable feel in all conditions.

Power Pods

These are little sections that extend the board out under your feet. They help the board in a couple of ways. First, they give the board a bit better edge hold in icy snow. It does this by giving two distinct points on the edge that you can focus your weight on, so it has a better chance to dig in where boards would normally struggle.

The second thing it helps with is for riders with big boots. Because the board extends out and under your feet, with bigger boots you get less to and heel drag.


This core is made from poplar wood, which is basic but it keeps the overall cost of the board down.

Bi-Lite laminates

The most simple fiberglass layup – just two directions (bi) that give the board a softer, but predictable feel.

Premium Extruded FH base

A cheaper but slower extruded base material. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance (waxing) to keep riding.

Tip and tail locks

Forged T7075 Aluminum Hooks

Nitro x Kohla skin attachment system

Precut skins available

If you want to keep everything easy, get the pre-cut Kohla skins, or else get your own and trim them to size.

-22mm Setback

FSC Certified

This just means that the wood used for the cores of the boards are taken from well managed forests.

Nitro Nomad Splitboard Specs

Size (cm)156161165
Waist Width (mm)252258260
Running Length (mm)104010901130
Sidecut (m)9.0 / 7.0 / 9.09.5 / 7.5 / 9.510.0 / 8.0 10.0
Nose/Tail Width (mm)291 / 291297 / 297299 / 299
Stance Range (cm)48.4 – 63.650.8 – 66.150.8 – 66.1
Stance Range (in)19 – 2520 – 2620 – 26
Rider Weight (kg)50+60+70+
Rider Weight (lbs)110+130+155+
Setback (mm)-25-25-25

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