Salomon Sleepwalker

Salomon Sleepwalker 2018 Review The Sleepwalker is a new board for the 2018 season, and I’ll call it now and say that this is going to be a pretty popular board. Overall its a twin jib/park board, that rides like a Villain, but costs a whole bunch less.

Salomon Pulse

Salomon Pulse 2017 The Salomon Pulse is a soft flexing beginner board, that has a directional twin shape and a very affordable price.

Salomon Super 8

Salomon Super 8 2017 Review The Salomon Super 8 is a wider board, that is made to be a mix between a hard charging all mountain board, and a surfy powder board.

Salomon Gypsy

The Salomon Gypsy is a medium/soft flexing freestyle board. Similar in style to the mens version (Salomon Villain), the Gypsy is best in the park but will do well everywhere. It has the Rock Out Camber Profile, which means that the board is flat between your feet, camber under your feet and then rocker on the nose and tail. The flat…

Salomon Derby

Salomon Derby 2017 Review The Salomon Derby is short and wide board, that is made to be quick and easy to turn, and have lots of float on pow days.

Salomon Craft

Salomon Craft Review 2016 The Salomon Craft is an affordable board that can be ridden all over the mountain. It has the Rock Out Camber profile, which means that it has a flat section between your bindings, camber under your feet and rocker on the tip and the tail. The large flat section is made to give you a solid…

Salomon Assassin

The Salomon Assassin is made to be a freestyle and powder snowboard.

It was explained to me as being like a big brother to the Salmon Villain, with a stiffer flex and more features.

Salomon Mans board

The Salomon Man’s Board is a solid all mountain snowboard than can handle whatever terrain you want to ride it on. It has a Cross Profile camber profile, which means there is regular old school camber between the feet, and rocker on the nose and the tail. The camber give you good pop for ollies and jumps, and the rocker…

Salomon Sanchez

The Salomon Sanchez is a great board if you are looking to step up from a beginners board. That is not to say that if you are an advanced rider to stay away, it is a fun and forgiving board for all levels of riders. It is one of Salomons softest boards, with their flex rating putting it at a…

Salomon Sick Stick

The Sick Stick is a fun and floaty almost twin shaped powder board, that is just as much fun to ride on hardpacked snow as it is in pow.

Salomon Burner

The Salomon Burner is a board that is made to make those huge snow days better, and take on those big lines with ease. It has a tapered directional shape, so it naturally wants to float in boarder, even though it now has a more centered stance. The stance helps you add control, reduced fatigue (hopefully on your back leg)…

Salomon Drift Rocker

The Salomon Drift rocker is a board that is made for the terrain park. Straight out of the wrapper it is ready to hit the terrain park. It has Salomon’s Freestyle Edge Bevel, which means you won’t have to give the board a solid detune just to go and hit some rails. Like most park boards, it is a twin…

Salomon Grip

The Salomon Grip is a board designed to handle everything on the mountain. It is a twin shape, which puts a tick in the box for park riders. It has the Pow Rocker shape, which gives plenty of rocker on the tip and tail, and a solid platform in the middle. This shape is what lets it handle the the…

Salomon Salomonder

Salomon Salomonder Review The Salomon Salomonder is a soft flat jib board. Used by Chris Grenier and Jed Anderson, this is their board of choice for their street and park riding.

Salomon Villain

Salomon Villain Review The Salomon Villain is a medium flexing, twin shaped park board that rides just as well all over the mountain.

Salomon Powder Snake

The Salomon Powder snake is made to perform in the deep snow, but just like the Sick Stick, it will actually ride everywhere. It has a medium flex (5/10) and a fast sintered base. With the Pow Rocker profile, and a Aspen Srong core, you will be able to get good pop in the park when there is no pow…

Salomon Sabotage

The Salomon Sabotage is a stable, capable park board that is designed to handle the biggest jumps and everything that the park offers. It has Salomons Flat Out camber profile, which has camber sections on the inside of each foot, keeping maximum pop and stability in the board. Rather than a radial sidecut, this board has and EQ5 sidecut which…