Salomon Sick Stick

Salomon Sick Stick 2017

The Salomon Sick Stick is a fun and floaty almost twin shaped powder board, that is just as much fun to ride on hardpacked snow as it is in pow.

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Features of the Salomon Sick Stick 2017

  • Tapered Twin
    An interesting shape, the stance (bindings) are centered to the effective edge, while the tail is slightly tapered (smaller) to help it float. This combination is made so that it rides well in powder, as well as hardpacker or groomed runs.
  • Cross Profile
    Between the feet there is camber, with rocker on the tip and tail of the board.
    salomon cross profile
  • Quadratic Sidecut
    This sidecut is made up of a blend of elliptical curvers, which is made to give the board easy turns, and keep it smooth edge to edge.
  • Medium Flex
    Right in the middle, you can still press and flex the Sick Stick without too much problem, but it will still give you good pop.
  • Regular Width
  • BiaxGlass
  • Sintered EG Base
    This is a hard and fast base material, that is good at soaking up wax and keeping the board moving fast.
  • ABC Wrapper
    It stands for Advanced Bamboo Construction, which is the combination of bamboo, cork sidewalls and basalt, which is made to use more natural materials than plastic.
  • Popster
    The profile of the core is shaped, so there are thicker and thinner sections, which help the overall board feel, and help it flex nicely in the right spots.
  • Ghost Green
    The core is made up of Polawania wood, which is very light, gives good pop and is sustainable.
  • Bamboo + Cork Rails
  • All Mountain Edge Bevel
    The all mountain edge bevel means that the board comes with the tip and tail detuned, and a 1 degree base bevel on the board, which blends into a more forgiving 2 degree base bevel between your feet.
  • Split Ready

Sizes Available

  • 153cm
  • 156cm
  • 160cm
  • 163cm

I owned 2009 Sick Stick for a few years, and it was a really good board. Although I had it in a big size (163cm), it turned and felt like a much smaller board. If I didn’t like riding park, it would actually have been a board that I could have used everyday, not just in powder. On groomed runs it held a good edge, and was quite solid riding fast. You can get decent pop from the board, it is a surprisingly good all rounder.

In deep snow, it floats easily, and has a nice surfy feel. You definitely could ride or land switch in pow with it, but switch was much more work.

If you are someone who likes riding in powder (who doesn’t?), the Sick Stick could be a good option, and it could be used as an all mountain board, as it rides on groomed runs better than you would expect. It isn’t cheap, but I felt it was worth it.

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Size 153 156 160 163
Waist Width (cm) 24.6 25 25.2 25.6
Min / Max Stance (cm) 46.4 / 61.6 48.4 / 63.6 49.4 / 64.6 50.4 / 65.6
Tip / Tail Width (cm) 28.5 / 29.3 28.9 / 29.9 29.1 / 30.1 29.4 / 30.6
Effective Edge (cm) 113 115 117 120


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