Rome Womens Katana

The Rome Womens Katana are high end, adjustable and responsive bindings. Made with pretty much all the features that you can get from Rome, you will be able to adjust these to get the exact feel you want.

Rome United

The Rome United are some entry level, mid flexing bindings that are good for someone buying their first setup. They are lightweight, and very cheap at around $140.

Rome Arsenal

The Rome Arsenal is an affordable, all mountain binding that has a pretty responsive flex rating considering the low price.

Rome D.O.D.

The Rome D.O.D. is a medium flexing, freestyle binding. The D.O.D. stands for “do or die”. It is one of those bindings that although it is sort of aimed as a freestyle binding, will ride everywhere fine because of its medium flex rating and options to adjust everything.

Rome Katana

The Rome Katana are the top of the bindings that Rome offer. Obviously not a cheap binding, but not ridiculous either.

Ride Revolt

The Ride Revolt is a medium flexing, do it all binding with an asymmetrical ankle strap and Slimeback highbacks.

Ride KX

The Ride KX is a affordable binding, that is one step up from the entry level LX. Still quite a cheap binding, it is aimed at beginners who want simple and comfortable bindings, without spending lots of money.

Ride LTD

The Ride LTD is a stiffer flexing, freestyle binding that is now in its second season. This year it has a slightly stiffer flexing highback.

Flux XF

The Flux XF are some pretty aggressive and responsive, light bindings. Based on some of the ideas of the SF, they are made to get a good balance of response, but still having enough flex to be able to tweak without being restricted.

Flux Team

The Flux Team or TM is a stiff and lightweight binding that is made to give you a responsive ride.

Burton X-Base

The Burton X-Base are some very expensive bindings which are made to see how light and strong bindings can be.

Burton Genesis

The Burton Genesis is designed to be a comfortable and smooth all mountain binding that doesn’t weight too much.

Burton Infidel

The Burton Infidel is a budget freestyle binding, that has changed from having a super soft highback, to a stiff one in the current model. Features of the Burton Infidel: Single Component Baseplate Nylon Single-Component Hi-Back Construction Canted Hi-Back Design Zero Lean Hi-Back MicroFLAD Asym Lushstrap Flex Slider Primo Capstrap Smooth Glide Buckle Technology Re:Flex FullBED Cushioning System Sizes Available: Small Medium…

Bent Metal Mortal

The Bent Metal Mortal Bindings are medium-stiff flexing freestyle and all-mountain bindings. Features of the Bent Metal Mortal Bindings Medium-Stiff Flex Hybrid Baseplate Combo Toe Strap Plastic Ratchet 4×4 Compatibility Asymmetric Ankle Strap 1 Year warranty  

Ride LXH

Ride LXH Bindings 2017 The Ride LXH are some cheap and comfortable, all mountain entry level bindings.

Union Rosa

Union Rosa Bindings 2016 The Union Rosa are some soft flexing, comfortable and affordable entry level bindings.