Lobster Halldor Pro

lobster halldor pro snowboard 2020

Lobster Halldor Pro 2020 Review The Lobster Halldor Pro is the mid flexing twin board, made to ride the big stuff that Halldor rides. Features of the Lobster Halldor Pro Core DSTTwo hollow carbon rods are made into the core to give the board extra pop. Light CoreA mix of poplar and paulownia wood, that …

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Lobster Jibboard Special Addition

Lobster Jibboard Special Addition Snowboard

Much like last years Lobster STD Jibboard, this version has graphics that are going to make people look twice at your board. The Special Addition Jibboard is the same board as the Jibboard, but with more extreme graphics. It has the Jib TBT shape, which has the widest flat section out of all the versions of …

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Lobster Freestyle board

lobster freestyle snowboard 2015

The Lobster Freestyle board is made for exactly what is sounds like – freestyle riding. Just like Bataleon’s boards, Lobster boards use TBT (Triple Base Technology). Basically the board’s base is split into 3 sections, left base, middle base and right base. The video below explains the technology pretty well. The Freestyle board uses their …

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Lobster Park Board Troublemaker

If you didn’t already know, Lobster boards (owned by the Halldor and Eiki Helgason) are Bataleon boards, with Lobster graphics. So if you are buying a Lobster board, you are really getting a Bataleon. That is definitely not a bad thing, as TBT (Triple Base Technology) is a major plus on a board. It is …

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Lobster Jib Board

2015 lobster jibboard

One of the Helgason brothers most popular boards – the Lobster Jib board is a soft flexing board aimed for jibbers of all levels. It has the same TBT (trible base technology) as Bataleon boards, so the lifted edges give the board a forgiving feel suitable for all boxes, rails and street features. It uses the …

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Lobster Parkboard

lobster parkboard snowboard 2017

Lobster Parkboard 2017 The Lobster Parkboard is a medium soft flexing, twin park board that has the 3BT shape. [tabs type=”tabs”] [tab title=”Description” active=”true”] Features of the Lobster Parkboard Park 3BT The Park 3BT has a fairly wide middle base (only the jib board has wider), which is still going to keep you stable on rails …

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