Lobster Jibboard Special Addition

Much like last years Lobster STD Jibboard, this version has graphics that are going to make people look twice at your board.

The Special Addition Jibboard is the same board as the Jibboard, but with more extreme graphics.

It has the Jib TBT shape, which has the widest flat section out of all the versions of TBT, making it easier to stick on to rails and other street features.

As it is a jib board, made for rails, street riding and riding the park, it has a soft flex making presses and buttering as smooth and easy as possible. To help against the beating the board is likely to get, it has extra wide edges to handle banging up against metal all day.

It has an extruded base, which is going to be easy to repair when you do damage it.

Tech in this board:

  • Jib TBT (Triple Base Technology)
  • Extra wide edges
  • Flex core
  • Twin shape


  • Very soft
  • Graphics people will look at twice

Available sizes:

  • 144cm
  • 148cm
  • 151cm
  • 153cm
  • 154cm wide


The Jibboard Special Addition is also available in a 154cm wide version for the jibber with bigger feet.

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