Lobster Jib Board

One of the Helgason brothers most popular boards – the Lobster Jib board is a soft flexing board aimed for jibbers of all levels.

It has the same TBT (trible base technology) as Bataleon boards, so the lifted edges give the board a forgiving feel suitable for all boxes, rails and street features. It uses the Jib TBT, which out of all the TBT versions has the widest center base, making it stable on rails and other thin bits of metal.

It is a twin shape, so will ride exactly the same regular or switch.

It has an extruded base, which is tough and easy to repair when you do damage it.

Wrapped around the core is the Bi-Ax laminates, which keep the board flexy and presses easy. To handle banging on metal, it has wide edges to take the extra abuse that jibbers give their boards.

Tech in this board:

  • Jib TBT (Triple Base Technology)
  • FLEX core
  • Bi-Ax laminates
  • Extra Wide Edges


  • TBT
  • Soft
  • Easy to jib on
  • Great for buttering

Available sizes:

  • 144cm
  • 148cm
  • 151cm
  • 153cm
  • 154cm Wide

Video of Eiki warming up on the Jibboard

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