Lobster Freestyle board

The Lobster Freestyle board is made for exactly what is sounds like – freestyle riding. Just like Bataleon’s boards, Lobster boards use TBT (Triple Base Technology). Basically the board’s base is split into 3 sections, left base, middle base and right base. The video below explains the technology pretty well.

The Freestyle board uses their TWIN TBT measurements, which has a narrower center section, and steeper angles on the sides, which means easier transition to edges and better float in deep snow.

It has a poppy wood core, with hardwood along the binding inserts, and a fast sintered base.

Tech in this board:

  • Twin TBT
  • Wood core
  • Tri-ax laminate layers
  • Fast sintered base

Available sizes:

  • 152cm
  • 154cm
  • 156cm Wide

Find the best prices on the 2015 Lobster Free Style Snowboard

Find the best price on the Lobster Freestyle board

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