Lobster Park Board Troublemaker

If you didn’t already know, Lobster boards (owned by the Halldor and Eiki Helgason) are Bataleon boards, with Lobster graphics. So if you are buying a Lobster board, you are really getting a Bataleon. That is definitely not a bad thing, as TBT (Triple Base Technology) is a major plus on a board.

It is almost impossible to get this board anymore, plus each year there is a new Artist version of the Parkboard, so I would have a look at the normal Park Board.

The Park Board, or Pakr Baord to be exact, is an Evil Twin. So it is a medium flexing camber board, designed for the park. It is stiff enough to handle big jumps, but still soft enough for jibbing. If is a board that can handle the whole mountain, but wants to be ridden in the park.

The Parkboard uses the “Park TBT” version of TBT, which has a wider middle base section than normal (though a little thinner than “jib TBT”). This is made so that it carves nicely, but still has good balance on rails.

Lobster have two version of this board, the regular — which is plain black with green writing, and the troublemaker which has graphics of a mugger against a brick wall. If you like the sound of the board, you could buy the Evil Twin, normal Park Board or the Troublemaker, depending on which graphics you like best.

See the Parkboard in action:

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