Overview of 2016 Mens Burton Bindings



burton freestyle bindings

Burton Freestyle

The Freestyles are the entry level on the Burton range, with a soft flex rating (3/10) and simple straps. Nothing fancy about these bindings, although they are still a step up from rental bindings.  $140 Read more

burton custom bindings

Burton Custom

The Customs are one notch up from the Freestyles, they have the same baseplate construction, and the same overall flex rating (3/10). The Customs have nicer highback, with a dial to adjust the forward lean. They also have a better toe cap, compared to the Freestyle’s simple Adaptastrap. $170 Read more

burton infidel snowboard bindings 2016


The Infidels have the same Baseplate construction as the Freestyle and Custom, with the same toe cap as the Customs. The ankle strap is different, it has an asymmetrical shape (bigger on one side) which lets you reverse it. The regular way gives you more support, and reversing it gives you a bit more room to move/flex. They have quite a stiff flex rating (8/10) for this price – $210. Read more

burton mission est bindings


The Missions are where Burton bindings start to get a lot nicer. Both the ankle strap and toe cap are big upgrades, and the highbacks have the dial adjustment for forward lean. 6/10 Flex rating. A popular choice because it is a good mix of features without being too expensive. $230, and are available in EST and Re:Flex. Read more

burton deathfalcon bindings 2016 primed


At the same price as the Missions, the Deathfalcon is aimed more at freestyle riding than all-mountain. They have a slightly stiffer flex (7/10). Same toe cap as the missions, and the asym version of the ankle strap so you have the option of adjusting it between a flexible or stronger feel. The main feature of the deathfalcon are the large wraparound high back wings, which help you to press and flex the bindings. $230 Read more

burton cartel snowboard bindings 2016


The Cartels are a popular choice, with a slightly stiffer flex than the Missions. They have a lighter version of the ankle strap and the AutoCANT footbed for a more natural ankle/knee alignment. They have the newer style double take ratchets, which quickly and won’t grab when undoing them. $260 a come in EST and Re:Flex. Read more

burton stay calm bindings 2016

Stay Calm

Sort of a mix between the features of the Cartel and Mission, the Stay Calm has a 6/10 flex rating. They have the same straps as the mission, and the same regular ratchets/ladders. They have the nicer footbeds of the Cartels, and the Heel Hammock on the highbacks. They come in EST and Re:Flex and cost $270. Read more

burton malavita re:flex bindings 2016 sunburst


The Malavitas are aimed at freestyle riders, and have a 5/10 flex rating. They have the AutoCANT footbeds, heel hammock on the highbacks and the dial for forward lean adjustment. They have a much different style of straps compared to any of the previous models. The Asym Hammockstrap is made of a light mesh like plastic while the toe cap is a very stretchy and grippy. Both have the doubletake ratchets. $300 and comes in both EST and Re:Flex verions. Read more

burton genesis snowboard bindings 2016


The Genesis bindings have a lot of the same features of the Malavita, though they are designed as more of a luxury all mountain model. They have a 6/10 flex rating. One of the biggest differences between the Malavita is the upgraded Heel Hammock, called the Kickback Hammock. Made to give you extra suspension and a smoother ride, it is only available on the Genesis in the mens line. $330 and comes in both EST and Re:Flex versions. Read more

burton diode snowboard bindings 2016


Getting up to the Diode, it is the performance model made to be very responsive. It has a stiff 8/10 flex rating. The highback is made of carbon fiber and nylon, and doesn’t have any of the heel hammock design so that when you move your feet the highback will respond right away. It has the old fashioned forward lean adjustment, light straps and double take ratchets. $420 and comes in EST and Re:Flex Read more

burton x base snowboard bindings


Right at the top in the crazy price range is the X-Base. One you are probably unlikely to see in any stores. The lightest in the range, it shares a lot of the same features as the Diode, but the highback is a 50/50 mix of carbon fiber and nylon composite. 7/10 flex rating, and a huge price of $520. Comes in both Re:Flex and EST. Read more

You can use this page to search through all the big snowboard stores at once to find the Burton bindings you want that are on sale.

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