Capita Camber Types

Capita Traditional Camber

Traditional camber gives the best pop, stability and power through turns.

capita traditional camber

Traditional Camber is used on the Capita NAS


Capita New Age Camber

New Age Camber is very similar to the Traditional Camber, except that it has a flat (zero camber) section 4cm before the end of the sidecut. It is made to get the benefits of a camber ride, with a slightly less aggressive feel.
capita new age camber

New Age Camber is used on the:



Capita Zero Camber

This is flat the whole way through, which gives you an easy to ride feel, while still keeping a long effective edge.

capita zero camber

Zero Camber is used on the



Capita Urban FK

Similar to the Freestyle FK, this version has a smaller flat section and larger reverse camber sections, for a looser and more forgiving ride.

capita urban fk

Urban FK is used on the:


Capita Surf Rocker

The Surf Rocker profile is flat between and under your bindings, then blends to a smooth rocker on the tip and tail.

capita surf rocker

Surf Rocker is used on these Capita boards



Capita Pow FK

Pow FK has a reverse camber nose, that changes into a large zero camber (flat) section to the tail.

capita pow fk

Pow FK is used on the Charlie Slasher


Capita Mountain FK

The Mountain FK is a blend between the Hybrid FK and the Freeride FK. It has a positive camber section to 5cms past the binding inserts. The nose has a reverse camber section for extra float in powder, while the tail has a zero camber with a small reverse camber section.

capita mountain fk

Capita Mountain FK is used on the:



Capita Mountain FK V2

Mountain FK V2 is similar to the normal Mountain FK, except it has a smaller zero camber section on the tail.

capita mountain fk v2

Mountain FK V2 is used on the



Capita Hybrid FK

Hybrid FK has a positive camber section, that changes to a zero camber (flat) section with a small amount of reverse camber.

capita hybrid fk

Hybrid FK is used on the:



Capita Freestyle FK

Freestyle FK is a combination made for freestyle riding. There is a flat section under your bindings, with reverse camber on the tip and tail for a loose and fun ride.

capita freestyle fk

Freestyle FK is used on



Capita Freeride FK

Freeride FK is an all mountain shape that is made to get a balance between edge hold and stability, with float in powder.

capita freeride fk

Freeride FK is used on the Capita Mercury

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