Bataleon Surfer LTD

The Bataleon Surfer LTD would be the most expensive board that I have ever ridden, and although I had heard good things, I was still really surprised about how well it rode. The LTD is the special limited version of the Surfer, with an upgraded base and lighter core, with only 150 being made.

Bataleon Boss

The Bataleon Boss is a slightly stepped up version of their popular park/freestyle board, the Evil Twin. It has the Park 3BT profile, which has a medium width center base.

Bataleon Global Warmer

Bataleon Global Warmer Review The Bataleon Global Warmer is the big brother to the Bataleon Airobic. Like the Airobic, the Global Warmer is a park board.┬áLike all Bataleon boards, it has the Triple Base Technology (3BT), which combines a camber profile of the board, with lifted edges at the contact points. An easy way to describe the board is that…

Bataleon Whatever

The Bataleon Whatever is made to ride anything, probably why they chose the name whatever. It is a medium flexing board with a twinnish shape.

Bataleon Airobic

Bataleon Airobic Review The Bataleon Airobic is a jibbing/park board that you have probably seen in a few video parts. It uses the Park TBT (Triple Base Technology) which has a slightly narrower center base than the Jib TBT (used on the Disaster). Overall, the Airobic is soft and loose, but the 3BT helps you hold and edge when you…

Bataleon Disaster

Bataleon Disaster Review 2014/2015 The Bataleon Disaster is a very soft (2/10) twin park and jib board. Find out how it rides…

Bataleon Omni

The Bataleon Omni a directional freeride cruising board, that has the base shape to handle all mountain riding.

Bataleon Goliath

Bataleon Goliath Review The Goliath is a twin, all mountain board that can do it all. It has Freestyle TBT (Triple Base Technology) which gives the board a combination of control and stability. It does that by having 3 separate bases: left, middle and right. The left and right base are raised in a 3d shape, meaning that the contact…

Bataleon Riot

Bataleon Riot Review Catch free freestyle fun riding with the Bataleon Riot. It has their Twin TBT (Triple Base Technology) which is a 3d base, with the board separated into left, middle and right bases. It keeps the board playful and keeps the contact points out of the way until you put the board on its edges, then they are…

Bataleon Fun Kink

Bataleon Fun Kink 2017 The Bataleon Fun Kink is a board that is made to be a mix between a freestyle and an all mountain board. It has a pretty soft flex, rated at a 3/10 on Bataleon’s scale.