Top 10 Jib snowboards of 2014 / 2015

This is a list of the top 10 jib snowboards of the 2014/2015 season. Slightly different than regular Park snowboards, there are a few things that separate jib boards.

In general, they have a softer flex, and if you were going to rate them all together, they sit around the 2-4 out of 10 in flex ratings. They are soft to help with presses, buttering and jibbing on any feature that isn’t snow.

Along with having a soft flex, most jib boards are twin shaped, with an extruded base and a fairly simple core. Compared to most snowboards, they are on the cheaper end due to the simpler construction and cheaper materials.

Lobster Jibboard

2015 lobster jibboard3/10 Flex rating, true twin, extruded base and Jib TBT – $379.95

Arbor Draft

arbor draft snowboard 2015Soft flex, true twin, system rocker profile and extruded base – $394.95

Bataleon Disaster

bataleon disaster snowboard2/10 flex, true twin, extruded base, jib TBT  – $399.95

Salomon Sanchez

salomon sanchez snowboard2/10 flex, flat out rocker shape, extruded base – $329.95

Capita Horrorscope

capita horrorscope 2015 snowboardMedium soft flex, true twin, extruded base – $369.95

Nitro Swindle

nitro swindle snowboard4/10 flex, twin, sintered base – $369.95

Burton Blunt

burton blunt snowboardMedium-soft flex, flat top profile and sintered base – $399.95

Lib Tech Burtners Box Scratcher

lib tech box scratcherMedium flex, sintered base and twin shape – $459.95

Rome Butterknife

rome butter knife snowboardTwin shaped, soft flex and extruded base – $389.99

Ride Kink

ride kink snowboard2/10 flex, twin shape and extruded base – $379.95


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Find the Top 10 Jib snowboards of 2014 / 2015

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