How to protect your phone while snowboarding

If you have just bought yourself a new phone you might be a bit worried about taking it out snowboarding with you.

Of course, you could always leave it in your car or in a locker, but that takes away the whole point of having a phone and is not at all ideal.

If you are like me, you just risk it. I keep my phone (playing music) in the media pocket of my jacket and so far haven’t had any problems with it. The media pocket on most jackets is on the inside of the chest, and if you are lucky it will have a little hole to get your earphones into it without completely exposing the phone.

Being up on the chest, the chances of you landing on it are pretty slim, most likely if you are going to fall on something in that direction, you are going to have your hands out to break your fall.

Cheapskate protection option

If you live where the snow is wetter, moisture might be the biggest concern rather than cracking or snapping your phone. The easiest way I have seen to protect your phone, is to put it in a zip lock bag, It sounds silly, and is not completely waterproof if you do have earphones running out of it, but it might help you save your phone.

One big advantage of having it in a zip lock bag (other than protecting it from water) is that you can still use the touchscreen. It can be super handy when you have to pull it out on the chair going up, and use it while it is still in the bag and not have to worry about it getting wet.

A more serious protection option

Although I don’t really like having a case on my phone, if you want something that is going to give a bunch of protection, look at something like the Lifeproof Case. They are made to handle drops, snow, dirt and waterproof (to a couple of metres). They cost a bit, but it isn’t too expensive considering the cost of a new phone.

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